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Challenges for IFS assyst users

IFS Assyst is a cloud-based Enterprise Service Management software solution, encompassing Service Management, IT Operations Management, and IT Business Management functionalities. Built upon ITIL-based best practices, IFS facilitates streamlined service delivery and operational efficiency without requiring customization or coding. It centralizes service requests, incidents, and IT operations, providing a unified platform for end-to-end service management. IFS's reporting and analytics capabilities empower stakeholders with valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement. Overall, IFS enables organizations to align IT with business goals, drive positive change, and deliver seamless service experiences.  

In many organizations, dispersed teams must communicate and share critical business data continuously, often leading to errors and misunderstandings among IT departments. The optimal approach to handling such escalations and resolving issues is by integrating IFS Assyst with the company's existing IT systems. This integration aligns teams and facilitates seamless communication, minimizing human errors and ensuring the smooth optimization and automation of workflows. 

How do we solve them?

ZigiOps is an advanced no-code integration platform, facilitating seamless two-way connections effortlessly. With just a few clicks, ZigiOps effortlessly links IFS Assyst with the enterprise's IT systems, including ITOM, ITSM, CRM, Cloud, and DevOps, eliminating the need for additional plugins or coding. This fast and secure connection empowers IT teams to resolve issues swiftly, synchronizing workflows and accelerating IT product rollout and issue resolution within seconds. Moreover, ZigiOps ensures data security compliance by not storing any transferred data, aligning with the latest data security standards.

Popular Use Cases

By integrating IFS Assyst with various platforms such as Jira, Salesforce, Freshservice, and ServiceNow, companies can seamlessly transfer incidents, problems, and service requests between systems. This integration streamlines communication and collaboration across departments, ensuring timely resolution of issues and efficient management of IT operations. ZigiOps, a fully no-code integration platform, facilitates these integrations effortlessly, enabling organizations to optimize their workflows and enhance productivity.

IFS assyst - Freshservice integration

Your company uses IFS for internal maintenance and Freshservice for IT service management. Employees submit IT requests through Freshservice, needing quick resolution to maintain smooth operations. Typically, there's a gap in connecting IFS and Freshservice, causing time-wasting data entry errors and workflow interruptions. ZigiOps offers a swift, secure solution. It integrates IFS incidents into Freshservice in minutes, ensuring data security. When a ticket is logged in Freshservice, ZigiOps creates a corresponding incident in IFS, facilitating real-time updates for IT support and maintenance teams. This streamlines communication, task prioritization, and collaboration, expediting issue resolution.

IFS assyst - Jira Integration

Your software teams manage IT requests with IFS Assyst and software issues with Jira, but lack integration between the two systems. Manual data transfer leads to errors, delays, and bottlenecks. ZigiOps solves this by automating data exchange and synchronization. When a user reports an issue in IFS Assyst, ZigiOps creates a corresponding Jira issue with relevant details. Developers can then track and resolve the issue in Jira, with updates synced back to IFS Assyst. This integration streamlines incident management, fosters collaboration, and boosts IT service efficiency.

IFS assyst - Salesforce integration

Your IT team uses IFS for maintenance operations while customer support relies on Salesforce. Lack of integration between the two systems leads to slow communication and manual data transfer, causing errors and frustrations. ZigiOps offers a no-code solution, swiftly connecting IFS and Salesforce for seamless bi-directional data sync. This enhances collaboration across departments, enabling quick resolution of issues by tapping into specialized expertise or additional resources. With ZigiOps, customer satisfaction levels rise, ensuring customer retention.

IFS assyst - ServiceNow integration 

In a scenario where a company utilizes IFS for maintenance operations and ServiceNow for IT service management, submitting a ticket from IFS to ServiceNow often involves manual data entry, causing delays and inefficiencies. ZigiOps offers a no-code solution, seamlessly connecting ServiceNow and IFS to automate crucial tasks and enhance efficiency. When a ticket is logged in ServiceNow, ZigiOps automatically creates a corresponding incident or service request in IFS, ensuring real-time updates for both IT support and maintenance teams. This integration enables efficient tracking, communication, and resolution efforts within ServiceNow, while providing maintenance technicians with timely notifications and access to relevant documentation in IFS.

With ZigiOps, your company can improve IT support efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize maintenance operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction.

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