Salesforce and Jira Integration

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Data Types: Issues / Cases / Comments / Attachments

Jira (Tasks) → Salesforce (Cases)

Salesforce (Cases) → Jira (Tasks)

Salesforce and Jira Integration

Case and Task Management

Businesses frequently want to integrate Salesforce and Jira to automate manual work and keep both systems in sync continuously.

One of the most common scenarios in Jira Salesforce integration is the automatic creation of related issues in Jira when a case is opened in Salesforce. This ensures that both teams are constantly aligned with the latest updates. With ZigiOps, you have granular control over the integration, allowing customization to suit your specific use cases. You can synchronize various data, including regular and custom fields, lifecycle fields, issue links, comments, attachments, and more, maximizing the benefits of Salesforce Jira integration.

Salesforce and Jira Integration Backsync

Collecting all updates from both Jira and Salesforce during the integration process is of crucial importance.

It ensures that all updates from both Jira and Salesforce are seamlessly collected and synchronized. When a Jira ticket receives an update, ZigiOps gathers all relevant data and synchronizes it back to Salesforce. Similarly, any new updates originating from the Salesforce side are automatically transmitted to Jira.

Furthermore, when a Jira ticket is closed, the corresponding Salesforce case is marked as resolved. This integration platform excels in synchronizing a wide range of data, including regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle fields, issue links, comments, attachments, and more. Experience the efficiency of Salesforce Jira integration with comprehensive backsync capabilities.

Why ZigiOps

Why Choose ZigiOps for your Salesforce Jira Integration

When you’re aiming to unite your Jira and Salesforce teams, there are critical factors to weigh. When selecting your integration solution, these key considerations come to the forefront:

  1. Ease of Integration: How simple is it to create the integration?
  2. Speed of Implementation: How quickly can you go live with it?
  3. Security: Is the connection secure and reliable?
  4. Flexibility: Can you easily modify and adapt your integration to evolving needs?

With the ZigiOps no-code core, you can establish a Salesforce Jira integration in a fast, easy, and secure manner. Our pre-built integration templates further streamline the setup process, ensuring a seamless experience.

ZigiOps allows you to integrate your Salesforce and Jira teams seamlessly. We know how hard it can be when you’re trying to work across multiple platforms and systems. That’s why our product is designed with scalability in mind so that you can use it no matter how big your team becomes.

Our ZigiOps connector has been widely recognized and preferred by Atlassian users, ensuring a reliable and efficient integration experience.

Review our technical documentation and learn how to integrate Salesforce and Jira.

The ZigiOps connector for Jira and Salesforce is a preferred tool by Atlassian users.

Custom vs Ready-to-Use Salesforce Jira Integration?

Manual transfer of data is prone to delays, errors, and duplications. Building a custom Salesforce Jira integration requires a big arsenal of force:

  1. Business Analysis to pinpoint the exact use case
  2. Proficiency in both Salesforce and Jira APIs
  3. Script Development
  4. Ongoing Maintenance and Support

These tasks only scratch the surface of the overall process, which can consume considerable time and financial resources. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider that if your integration requirements evolve over time, you may find yourself repeating the entire integration process.

Why invest significant resources and effort in developing a new Salesforce Jira integration when you can choose the best-in-class solution on the market? ZigiOps is designed with a focus on security, scalability, and user-friendliness. Here are the top five reasons customers love our Jira Salesforce integration:

  1. No Technical or API Expertise Needed
  2. Intuitive User Interface for Easy Operation
  3. Data Visibility, mirroring ServiceNow and Jira
  4. Robust Security Measures – We Don’t Store Your Data
  5. Scalability to Adapt and Grow with Your Changing Needs

Experience the benefits of hassle-free integration with ZigiOps for Salesforce and Jira.


Challenges for Jira and Salesforce Users

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM applications. Atlassian’s Jira is a widely used DevOps solution used to plan and manage software development projects. Companies use both systems to distribute tasks between development teams and departments, manage their resources, and organize work. To do that successfully, they need an integration tool that seamlessly transfers data between Salesforce and Jira.

Operational silos, data duplication, and incomplete records pose substantial risks when Salesforce and Jira operate in isolation. This disjointed approach can result in incidents or projects being mishandled, leading to misalignment among teams. Manual tasks, like manually creating Jira tickets from Salesforce cases or incidents, can consume precious resources and affect customer satisfaction metrics.

Explore the advantages of Salesforce Jira integration to streamline your operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Connect Jira and Salesforce with ZigiOps

Jira is a powerful, web-based project management tool that helps teams manage projects, their requirements, tasks, and communications. Companies of all sizes use it to track issues, manage work, and stay organized. You can get all of your relevant Salesforce data into one place where it’s easy to find, use, and update for the specific needs of your department or team.

In addition, you’ll experience consistent, accessible information in both systems, so you always know what needs fixing or updating when it does—and when it doesn’t!

When it comes to task management and project roadmap features, there’s no better way than Jira. And when it comes to sales and cloud CRM, there’s no better way than Salesforce.
Now combine both of these with ZigiOps’ no-code integration platform. As a result, you can use the Salesforce instance to manage your customers’ data while using Jira to manage your projects’ tasks, which allows you to get the best of both worlds—and more—all in one place, no coding required.

Take a look at out Salesforce Jira Integration scenario for cases and issues.

How Beneficial is the Jira Salesforce Integration?

“Optimize Workflows with the Salesforce Jira Integration”

With a Salesforce Jira integration, you can achieve seamless synchronization and action execution between the two systems based on specific requests. For example, when a new customer case is reported in Salesforce, an automatic Jira ticket is generated, keeping all comments and statuses in sync and resolving when the issue is fixed.

Benefits of this integration:

  1. 10x Times Faster Case Resolution
  2. Improved Visibility into Customer Cases
  3. Reduced Time for Manual Work
  4. 400% ROI During the First Year Only

Create Jira Task

Poll Cases From Salesforce Every 30 Seconds
Transform Data To Open a New Ticket in Jira
Open a New Ticket/Issue/Bug in Jira

Update Jira Task

Poll Case Updates, Comments and Attachments From Salesforce
Transform the Collected Data to Push to Jira
Send the Transformed Data to the Corresponding Task in Jira

Close Jira Task and Salesforce Case

Poll Jira Task to Check if Task is Marked as 'Closed'
Sync Updates to the Salesforce Case and Mark it as 'Closed'

Poll Jira Task to Check if Task is Marked as 'Closed'
Sync Updates to the Salesforce Case and Mark it as 'Closed'

Poll Jira Task to Check if Task is Marked as 'Closed'
Sync Updates to the Salesforce Case and Mark it as 'Closed'

Unlock the Power of Salesforce Jira Integration with ZigiOps

Our mission is to tailor our services to your unique needs. With ZigiOps, we guarantee you’ll achieve exceptional results. ZigiOps empowers you to harness the full potential of seamless information synchronization between two robust platforms, Jira and Salesforce.

This integration bridges the gap between Jira and Salesforce, facilitating team collaboration and streamlined communication. It fosters data transparency across teams, ensuring everyone stays connected and well-informed.

Opt for intelligent automation by giving ZigiOps a try. Schedule a demo today and kickstart your free trial to experience the transformative benefits of Salesforce Jira integration.

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