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Bring More by Doing Less

Our OEM solutions enable you to leverage the power of our no-code integration platform ZigiOps under your brand. Create upsell opportunities and attract new clients by offering an integration platform out-of-the-box. Adopt ZigiOps and start selling it immediately.

Stop wasting internal resources on developing and maintaining integrations. Save up to 60% of total development costs by using a white labeled version of ZigiOps.

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What’s in it for You?

Connect the Dots

Say yes when customers ask for an integration. Connect your product with 50+ other apps without any code or scripts. Enable customers to do their integrations in a few clicks from the UI. We can add more connectors per your needs.

Do Everything in One Place

Managing your system connections has never been easier. Your customers can manage, modify, and scale all integrations from a single UI. Our integration platform is a standalone solution and doesn’t require any modifications in the source or target systems.

Customize Your Integration Platform

Get it, name it, brand it, love it. Tailor the look and feel of your integration hub per your brand needs and requirements. Give customers the comfort of easily building and maintaining integrations.

Enterprise Scalability and Security

We offer a limitless integration platform to your customers. ZigiOps can pass as many requests as the systems it connects can manage. There is no limit on the number of passing entries, nor the number of users. ZigiOps doesn’t have a database and therefore does not store any of the data.


Development Costs

40% Increase in Revenue from Integrations

90% Reduced
Maintenance Costs

30% Increase
in Win Rate

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