IFS assyst - Freshservice integration

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Data Types: incidents, problems, service requests

IFS (incidents)-> Freshservice(incidents) 

IFS (problems) -> Freshservice (Incidents) 

 IFS (service requests) -> Freshservice (Incidents) 

IFS integration with Freshservice use case

Your company relies on IFS for managing its internal maintenance operations and Freshservice for handling IT service management. When an employee encounters a technical issue or requests IT assistance, they submit a ticket through Freshservice. And it requires immediate resolution, ensuring smooth workflows on both sides. Usually, companies omit the need for establishing a stable connection between their IFS and Freshservice systems. As a result, employees must log back and forth data, wasting time and inevitably making mistakes. Bottlenecks clog the path of data transmission. Often, critical details are duplicated or missed out on by mistake. At some point, the entire flow of IT processes stalls.  

ZigiOps could resolve this. An out-of-the-box no-code integration solution, ZigiOps connects the two in a few minutes, ensuring 100% security of the data transferred. ZigiOps’ integration of IFS incidents/problems/service requests into Freshservice incidents/service requests is streamlined and efficient. As soon as a ticket is logged in Freshservice, ZigiOps fetches it and opens a corresponding incident or service request automatically and synchronizes with IFS. This ensures that both the IT support team and maintenance technicians have access to real-time information and updates regarding the reported issue. The IT support team can track the status of the incident within Freshservice, communicate with the employee, and provide timely updates on the resolution efforts.

ZigiOps enables access to technical documentation, prioritization of tasks based on issue severity, and seamless collaboration across departments, expediting issue resolution through streamlined teamwork.  

IFS Assyst

The IFS assyst platform is a comprehensive IT service management (ITSM) solution designed to streamline and optimize IT operations for organizations of all sizes. It offers users a centralized platform to efficiently manage incidents, problems, changes, and service requests, ensuring quick resolution and minimal disruption to business operations. With its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and robust reporting capabilities, IFS assyst empowers users to enhance productivity, improve service quality, and drive IT efficiency across the organization.

About Freshservice

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) platform offering tools for managing IT services, assets, incidents, and changes. Its features include incident and change management, asset tracking, and service catalog management. With robust reporting and analytics capabilities, users gain insights into IT performance to make informed decisions. Freshservice's user-friendly interface, automation features, and scalability empower organizations to streamline IT operations and deliver superior IT services efficiently.

Challenges for IFS assyst and Freshservice users

Companies might seek to use ITSM platforms to address specific needs or requirements that cannot be fully met by a single solution. This approach allows them to leverage the unique features and strengths of each platform, achieving a more comprehensive and tailored solution for managing their IT operations. Additionally, using multiple platforms can provide redundancy and flexibility, ensuring continuity of service and adaptability to evolving business needs. With that said, it’s no wonder that more and more enterprises adopt IFS and Freshservice and actively use them daily. Yet, in most cases, those systems are not connected in any way. This leads to several issues that negatively impact the overall IT workflow. Manual data transfer, errors, decreased productivity, customer dissatisfaction, and difficulties in meeting regulatory requirements are just a small portion of them.

But with the help of a tool like ZigiOps, all the above issues can be eliminated. Fully no-code, ZigiOps is the perfect solution for companies that seek to automate critical business activities and enhance their performance.  Our tool can streamline processes, enhance service delivery, improve scalability, and ensure compliance and security, ultimately providing a better user experience and driving business success.

Why integrate IFS and Freshservice?

Integrating IFS and Freshservice brings streamlined IT operations, enhanced service delivery, and improved efficiency, offering organizations a comprehensive ITSM solution. Leveraging a no-code tool like ZigiOps further enhances these benefits by simplifying the integration process, reducing implementation time and costs, and providing flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs, empowering organizations to maximize ROI and achieve faster time-to-value.

Concluding thoughts on the IFS integrationwith Freshservice

By leveraging the integration of IFS incidents/problems/service requests with Freshservice incidents/service requests, companies enhance IT support efficiency, minimize downtime, and optimize maintenance operations for improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Choose ZigiOps for effortless integration, facilitating seamless communication between IFS incidents and Freshservice requests without the need for extensive coding or development.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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