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Marketing Integrations Accesible to Everyone

ZigiWave exists to challenge and disrupt the old-school integrations industry, where connections between apps require lines of code and a lot of time. Our product ZigiOps empowers non-technical users to integrate systems in a few clicks, without any additional scripts.

Our Integration Platform

Harness ZigiOps' advanced data mapping capabilities to synchronize even the most intricate custom fields. Our integration platform effortlessly adapts to any use case, no matter its level of complexity.

Get To Know Our Management Team

Our proven management team has deep expertise across the integration platform software development space. Over the last few years, we've continued to expand through substantial growth and strategic partnerships, and we're uniquely positioned to pioneer the evolution of integration software solutions.

Idan Harel

Co-founder and Chairman

Mariya Zasheva:


Avi Koren:

Co-founder and CTO

Lyubo Dimitrov:

RnD manager


Connecting applications, devices, and data to help you innovate faster and accelerate productivity.


Become the undisputed industry leader as the most comprehensive and user-friendly integration platform.


ZigiOps enables all users to build, customize and scale enterprise integrations without code.

ZigiOps in Numbers

500+ integrations available
200% organic growth in 2021
2 OEM/White label deals
100+ happy customers
30+ integration engineers and devs
400% ROI for customers

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