July 26, 2023

ZigiWave's CEO Named the "Most Transformative Software CEO in Bulgaria" for 2023

ZigiWave’s CEO wins "Most Transformative Software CEO in Bulgaria" for 2023 in the 8th annual Influential Businesswomen Awards. Read more.


Strong leadership is crucial for tech companies as it provides a clear vision and direction, guiding teams towards innovation and success in an ever-evolving industry. Effective leaders foster a culture of collaboration, inspire creativity, and make informed decisions, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and sustained growth in the competitive tech landscape.

Thats why the ZigiWave team is thrilled to announce that our CEO Mariya Zasheva has been named the Most Transformative Software CEO in Bulgaria for 2023 in the 8th annual Influential Businesswomen Awards.

Its a huge win for the entire company that further solidifies the importance of strong-minded and innovative people.


ZigiWave aims to simplify and democratize integrations, offering a user-friendly integration solution.

ZigiWaves flagship product, ZigiOps, is a 100% no-code integration platform empowering seamless, bi-directional connections among over 40 leading software tools employed by businesses, including Jira, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, Salesforce, Azure, BMC Remedy, SolarWinds, and others.

With both iPaaS and on-prem versions available, ZigiOps boasts exceptional scalability. It offers users fully customizable integration templates, accommodating even the most intricate use case scenarios. Complied with the latest security standards, the ZigiOps no-code integration platform does not store any data from the connected systems.



With a vision to discover and celebrate exceptional businesswomen worldwide, the Influential Businesswomen Awards spotlight those who have made an outstanding impact in their industries and communities. These trailblazing, innovative, and inspiring women are driving change and setting an example for others to emulate, embodying the spirit of leadership and mentorship in their respective fields.

The 8th annual Influential Businesswomen Awards, hosted by Acquisition International, is a distinguished event dedicated to honoring the remarkable accomplishments of female leaders in the business realm.


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