November 30, 2021

Schlumberger Case Study

Read more about what improvements ZigiOps added to Schlumberger operations by integrating their tools and processes.

Case studies

The ZigiOps team worked with Schlumberger to help them make 4 different integrations of their enterprise systems. They connected Micro Focus Ops Bridge to ServiceNow and BMC Remedy, as well as Dynatrace to Micro Focus Ops Bridge and BMC Remedy. This helped Schlumberger automate specific workflows and synchronize the work of its teams, while avoiding mistakes and system failures. They are also saving lots of time and getting full visibility of their operations in real time.

The Client:

Schlumberger is a Fortune Global 500 company, providing oilfield services and equipment. People of Schlumberger represent more than 160 nationalities working in more than 120 countries. Schlumberger provides leading digital solutions and creates industry-changing technologies, to enable performance and sustainability that are crucial for the global energy industry.

Challenge Overview:

Schlumberger, being one of the biggest organizations in the world, has multiple teams, across 120 different countries. any of these teams are located remotely, but are working together. They are using various applications to track their systems, manage team tasks, monitor for problems, and resolve issues. The company needs to manage huge amounts of information  service requests, incident alarms, system issues and many more. They are using Micro Focus OpsBridge and Dynatrace to monitor different aspects of their systems and IT infrastructure. On the other hand, some teams are using BMC Remedy, and others ServiceNow to track ITSM operations. However, all these systems were not synchronized, and they needed to transfer lots of information manually between them. This was causing delays and mistakes.

Schlumberger wanted to connect their systems and find a way to automate specific workflows, as well as enhance cross-team collaboration. At the same time, it was critical for them to resolve issues faster and have a comprehensive overview on their operations and systems.

They had specific requirements for quite a complex set of integrations between these four applications. Therefore they turned to ZigiOps  a powerful no-code integration platform, offering deep and complex integrations out-of-the-box.


To solve Schlumbergers challenges, the ZigiWave team implemented four integrations, as per the clients requirements. The first two integrations are bi-directional, and for the first one they had some specific requirements. Here are more details for each of the four integrations:

Micro Focus OpsBridge (Events) > BMC Remedy (Incidents):

  • Transfer events from OBM to create incidents in Remedy
  • Synchronize the changes of the OBM events with the incidents in Remedy
  • Synchronize the changes of the Remedy incidents back to the events in OBM

OBM (Events) > ServiceNow (Incidents)

  • Transfer events from OBM to create incidents in ServiceNow
  • Synchronize the changes of the OBM events with the incidents in ServiceNow
  • Synchronize the changes of the ServiceNow incidents back to the events in OBM

Dynatrace (Topology) > OBM (Topology)

  • Collect application-centric topology from Dynatrace to create topology in OBM
  • Collect host-centric topology from Dynatrace to create topology in OBM

Dynatrace (Problems) > Remedy (Incidents)

  • Collect problems from Dynatrace to create incidents in Remedy

Schlumberger also had some specific requirements for the OBM -> BMC Remedy integration:

  • Standard transfer of OBM event into a new Remedy incident (create new)
  • Transfer of OBM event into existing Remedy incident (update existing, not created by the integration) by Incident Number
  • Update OBM event after the existing incident was updated in Remedy on the previous point
  • Update Remedy incident, when an OBM event was resolved in OBM, according to 3 different scenarios  when an OBM event has a custom attribute with value true, value false, or does not have it at all.
  • Update OBM event when Remedy incident has been resolved in Remedy.

Integrated Data Types:

OpsBridge > BMC Remedy (bi-directional):

Events -> Incidents (with updates and backsync)

OpsBridge > ServiceNow (bi-directional):

Events -> Incidents (with updates and backsync)

Dynatrace > OpsBridge:

Topology -> Topology

Dynatrace > BMC Remedy

Problems -> Incidents

Outcomes & Results:

ZigiOps was able to meet Schlumbergers exact requirements and our consultants helped them finalize the automation of the specific workflows and complex cross-system interlinking they needed. After the initial fine tuning, ZigiOps continued to work automatedly so our clients teams could instantly track issues and react quickly.

The monitoring tools they are using  OpsBridge and Dynatrace have been integrated to enrich the topology and allow the ITSM teams to see problems instantly. These tools monitor systems and environments from a different perspective by tracking unique infrastructure elements and the synchronization between them provides complete overview of their IT infrastructure in real time.

Furthermore, when the ITSM systems of Schlumberger  BMC Remedy and ServiceNow  were aligned, this enabled their teams to detect and resolve issues at a fraction of the time they needed previously. ZigiOps allowed them to:

  • sync the work of different teams and departments effortlessly
  • improve the management of their IT Services
  • have better visibility into recurring issues
  • resolve issues faster than ever
  • improve operational efficiency by automating their workflows
  • concentrate on critical tasks
  • reduced downtimes and service interruptions

Thanks to the platforms advanced integration capabilities, ZigiOps successfully solved our clients business challenge. It provides a complete overview of their operations, automates their workflows, and synchronizes their teamwork in real time.

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