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Challenges for TOPdesk users

TOPdesk is a popular service desk solution that helps you automate incident management and resolution. If your teams are using different software tools from TOPdesk, they need to be integrated to exchange data automatically. Otherwise, things can quickly become complicated.

It’s crucial to have an instant overview of your applications, infrastructure, and incidents via the different monitoring and ITSM platforms you use. If you want to resolve issues as they arise, and not let them affect your customers, you need to act fast. If you manually transfer incidents and events from TOPdesk to other tools, you can easily make errors, which end up in misalignments. This, in turn, can make the development and operations process less agile and adaptable.

How do we solve them?

With ZigiOps, you can optimize and automate IT Service Management (ITSM) by connecting TOPDesk with the rest of your enterprise software tools. Our agile, powerful, no-code integration platform allows you to set up seamless bi-directional integrations between TOPDesk and some of the most popular applications for ITSM, ITOM, DevOps, ALM, and APM.

Sync TOPdesk with Jira, Azure DevOps, VMware vRealize Operations (vROps), Micro Focus OpsBridge, Nagios, Cherwell, BMC Remedy, Splunk, and more.Set up workflows in a matter of minutes and improve communication between your teams effortlessly, simplifying everyone’s work.

Popular Use Cases

Our TOPdesk connector allows you to integrate it with many systems and synchronise data across platforms seamlessly. Transfer all data types, custom fields and keep your systems in real-time sync.

Review our most popular integrations with TOPdesk below.

TOPdesk – OpsBridge Integration

With ZigiOps, you can easily sync ITSM and ITOM by connecting TOPDesk with OpsBridge Manager (OBM).

OBM receives events from different tools, which ZigiOps allows you to redirect manually or automatically (based on specific conditions).

OBM receives a new event in the event browser. The event is then transferred to a connected server for ZigiOps. The integration platform creates a new incident in TOPdesk, containing all relevant OBM event details. The incident number is returned to the OBM event as an external ID.

The OBM event is then updated. This update is reported to the related incident in TOPDesk. Updates include lifecycle synchronization, regular fields, custom attributes, and annotations.

The TOPdesk incident is updated. ZigiOps automatically logs the update to OBM’s related event. Updates include lifecycle synchronization, regular fields, custom fields, and requests or actions notes.

Azure DevOps – TOPdesk Integration

The service desk team receives a new incident in TOPdesk. They check it and see that a software bug is causing the problem, i.e. that the Dev team needs to fix it.

Thanks to ZigiOps, they don’t need to open Azure DevOps and create a ticket manually. Instead, the integration platform logs it automatically and performs poller-based updates, if there are any changes.

Communication between the service desk team and the developer who is in charge is easy. It doesn’t require any additional apps: they can simply add comments, which ZigiOps then updates to both apps. All log files, traces, and all other attachments are automatically synchronized, too.

After the developer fixes the issue, ZigiOps updates the TOPdesk incident, and the end customer receives a notification that their issue is resolved—faster than ever before.

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