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Challenges for Datadog users

Datadog is a modern IT monitoring and analytics tracking tool used for supervising servers, databases, and more.

When combined with the rest of the enterprise’s software systems, Datadog expands the reach of its features, providing a birds-eye view over the entire array of processes and operations.

In most cases, the process of communication between the involved tech teams can be slow and foreboding. The slow transfer of the much-needed data and metrics often acts as a prerequisite for disaster.

This is especially valid when it concerns identifying and resolving critical issues across the integrated systems on time. On such occasions, ZigiOps’ capabilities are of great help. Integrating Datadog with ITSM and DevOps systems provides the best possible solution to the problem.

It eliminates the need for any manual work related to monitoring, data aggregation, and information transfer.

How do we solve them?

The process of monitoring the complex IT enterprise's ecosystem, along with obtaining, and analyzing its performance, is an important task since most businesses use more than one tool.

This calls for an innovative integration platform like ZigiOps.

With no coding required, intuitive UI, and integration that happens within a few minutes, ZigiOps offers a seamless connection between Datadog and the rest of the enterprise's software tools.

You can connect DevOps, ITSM, ITOM, and Monitoring operations within a few clicks, without any additional help. With ZigiOps, the automation of the internal workflows has never been easier and faster.

Popular Use Cases

Our Datadog connector allows you to integrate it with many systems and synchronise data across platforms seamlessly. Transfer all data types, custom fields and keep your systems in real-time sync.

Review our most popular integrations with Datadog below.

CircleCI – Datadog Integration

When you want to track metrics form CircleCI in Datadog CI Visibility and monitor everything in one place, ZigiOps can help tremendously with its powerful no-code integration.

The integration platform extracts timeseries metrics for workflows and for jobs and loads them in Datadog. ZigiOps can also collect key CircleCI metrics, like the number of failed builds or the average build time.

You can use ZigiOps’ advanced filtering capabilities to transfer only the pipelines and data that you need. Then you can easily visualize all collected metrics in Datadog and take appropriate actions.

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