August 4, 2022

FedEx Case Study

Overview on Fedex systems and issues resolved with our OpsBridge ServiceNow

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FedEx are using Micro Focus OpsBridge to monitor their internal systems and ServiceNow to handle IT service requests. With the help of the ZigiOps integration platform they were able to connect the two systems and automate the data transfer between them. This way their teams can react to issues much faster and avoid escalations. Integrating OpsBridge and ServiceNow also allows better systems overview and higher operational efficiency.

The Client

FedEx Corporation is a multinational conglomerate holding company focused on transportation, e-commerce and logistics. Domestic and international shipping is easier than ever with FedEx. The company helps businesses and individuals worldwide offering delivery services, shipping solutions and advanced shipping tools. With its global presence it assists businesses with tailored solutions and full range of services.

Challenge Overview

FedEx is a multinational conglomerate and processes millions of shipping orders per day with various use cases, like shipping to multiple countries, shipping confidential documents, express deliveries, and more. The company offers numerous different types of services for a variety of clients, like businesses individual clients, groups, etc. This brings lots of challenges, such as staying up to date with cross-border requirements, reacting quickly to different issues, resolving problems with customer accounts, discounts, delivery dates, tracking and so on.  

Due to the complex nature of its business, FedEx relies heavily on software systems and automation to be able to maintain the high level of quality they provide. This is why they are using Micro Focus OpsBridge to monitor their systems and architecture, and make sure that any problem will be noticed and fixed before it becomes critical. To track all internal and customer requests, FedEx's service desk team is also using ServiceNow.

When the systems FedEx is using were not connected, this led to frequent transferring of data manually from one system to the other. When there was an alarm in Ops Bridge, the system administrators needed to open ServiceNow and enter all the data there. This led to mistakes, omitted important details and sometimes critical delays.

FedEx wanted to find a way to automate the process of entering data from OpsBridge to ServiceNow. They wished to make their operations more efficient, speed up times for reaction to issues and boost customer satisfaction.

After doing a thorough research, they found out that the ZigiOps powerful integration platform would be the fastest and easiest way to achieve these goals.

The Solution

Using ZigiOps, FedEx established the integration between OBM and ServiceNow and mapped the data they needed. The integration with ZigiOps requires no coding or API knowledge and is quite easy to set up and customize. With the help of the integration platform, FedEx set their conditional mapping and easily specified the exact filters, so that only the necessary OpsBridge events to be transferred as incidents in ServiceNow.

The integration is bi-directional and completes the following tasks automatically:

OBM (Events) > ServiceNow (Incidents) (bi-directional)

  • OBM sends new event data on the ZigiOps listener and ZigiOps transforms and creates new incidents in ServiceNow
  • Fetch current data from the ServiceNow incident to the OBM forwarding tab
  • Update from OBM to ServiceNow  Based on OBM event custom properties values
  • Update from ServiceNow to OBM

The OBM  ServiceNow integration with ZigiOps allowed FedEx to specify the exact events that need to be transferred from OpsBridge and logged as incidents in ServiceNow. The advanced data filtering and field mapping options were used to indicate how ZigiOps will correlate the information between the 2 systems.

ZigiOps triggering is set to listening and the integration platform detects when there is a new event in OBM corresponding to the preset conditions. When such an event appears, ZigiOps transforms it and creates a new incident in ServiceNow, loaded with all the data that the FedEx service desk team needs.

The integration is bi-directional, so when there are any updates in the ServiceNow incident, they are immediately reflected in the corresponding OBM event. Similarly, when there are updates or changes in the OBM event, ZigiOps logs them in the ServiceNow incident in real time. Once the incident in ServiceNow is resolved, this is also updated in OBM automatically.

Integrated Data Types

OBM events -> ServiceNow incidents

Outcomes & Results

With ZigiOps seamless integration between OpsBridge and ServiceNow, FedEx was able to achieve even higher standard of service and boost customer satisfaction. All issues related to the FedEx IT and software ecosystem are now handled timely and efficiently, so that the end customers are seldom affected.

ZigiOps helped FedEx with:

  • Real-time bi-directional integration between OpsBridge and ServiceNow.
  • Faster issue and requests resolution.
  • Ability to scale and update the field mapping configuration with just a few clicks at any time.
  • Improved visibility into recurring issues.
  • Minimized risk of errors or incomplete data exchange, as manual work is eliminated.
  • Improved cooperation between company units and teams.

With ZigiOps powerful no-code integration, FedEx were able to automate their processes, resolve issues much faster, and continuously improve their operations and services. FedEx are a synonym of speed and quality and the innovations they constantly implement in their systems are essential for that.

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