Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow

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Data Types: Ideas / Incidents / Events / Change Requests / Service Requests

Jira Product Discovery (Ideas) → ServiceNow (Incidents)

ServiceNow (Incidents) → Jira Product Discovery (Ideas)

Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow Use Case

Align your Helpdesk and Project Management processes and speed up new features development.

Helpdesk and IT service management tools, like ServiceNow, receive lots of feedback from clients and peers in the form of tickets, feature requests and incidents. Ideas and feature requests usually pile up there and it is difficult to track and organize them.

These ideas need to be handled by project managers, Let’s see what is one of the most common scenarios where integration is greatly beneficial.

The helpdesk team receives a new incident in ServiceNow. They see that it contains important feedback from a customer. It is related to a new feature that is just being developed for your product. The feedback needs to be added to Jira Product Discovery for the project manager to handle.  

When there is a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow in place, the helpdesk team doesn’t need to open Jira Product Discovery and log the feedback manually.

ZigiOps automates the process and transfers the necessary details in real time.

Everything the project manager needs from ServiceNow is logged into a new Jira Product Discovery idea instantly.

The integration is bi-directional, so whenever there are updates in the ServiceNow incident, they are immediately added into the Jira Product Discovery idea.

Once the idea is updated, this is also reflected in ServiceNow. This way the customer can receive actual info on the status of the feature and when it will be launched.

Communication between the helpdesk team and the project managers is straight forward. It doesn’t require any additional communication by phone or email. Everything takes place in the comments, and everyone works with the tool they are familiar with.

Files, comments, and attachments sync automatically. This way silos and communication bottlenecks are left in the past. New features and product enhancements happen timely, and customers are happy.

Why ZigiOps?

Why choose ZigiOps for your Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is super popular among companies and is one of the tools that dominate the service desk domain. Jira Product Discovery is a relatively new product, but many organizations are already adopting it, as it is very convenient for managing project enhancements, new product development and organizing feedback.  

When using both, having a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow can be very helpful. It allows easy idea processing and prioritizing and gets feedback to the responsible team members in real time. New product development and enhancing the company portfolio becomes easy.

Integration options can vary, but many of the integration tools on the market cannot handle complex data dependencies. The criteria that companies have depends on their team structure, internal processes, and way of work. Often times there are specifics in data filtering and mapping that cannot be met by standard integrations.

This is why ZigiOps is perfect for setting your Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow. The integration platform allows advanced filtering and data mapping and can handle even the most complex use cases. At the same time it is very easy to use and completely no-code. You do not need to build any scripts, everything is handled in the UI.  

You can have your integration working in minutes, with our out-of-the-box templates. You can load them instantly and then customize them per your needs. With ZigiOps you can scale and update your integration without limitations. Whenever you need to make changes or adjustments, you can do that easily.  

When you do a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow using ZigiOps, you have full control of your data flow at any time, and you are super flexible. Your teams can collaborate seamlessly, avoiding silos and unnecessary delays. With ZigiOps, your integration expands and scales together with your needs.

Why do a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow?

Improving and extending the portfolio is very important for organizations that want to grow. The Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow allows easy management of new projects and ideas. Prioritizing feature development and tasks happens easily when the main tools work in sync. Customer feedback is often piled up in ServiceNow, and in order to plan and realize features, based on real demand, it needs to be organized.

The Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow helps teams collaborate better with each other and product improvement is done much faster and easier. This boosts customer satisfaction as clients see that their comments are taken into consideration quickly.

The specific details that the project managers need can be filtered precisely from the ServiceNow data and delivered to Jira Product Discovery in real time. This way the company can prevent delays and silos and make sure all feedback is prioritized correctly.

The IT service management team will work with their familiar tool and at the same time communicate easily with the project managers via the comments. The project managers, on the other hand, will have all the necessary info in real time and can easily keep the service desk team updated for every decision. This way updates are easily communicated to customers, as well.

Common challenges for ServiceNow and Jira Product Discovery users

ServiceNow is a complex platform that allows companies to improve their workflows and manage service requests better. It is very popular among organizations of all kinds and is one of the main tools for handling IT requests. Jira Product Discovery is a great new platform for product teams. It helps them align ideas, feedback, and project plans.

Very often both tools are used in companies and in order to have all the necessary information distributed to the right peers timely, ServiceNow and Jira Product Discovery need to be connected. Without integration between them there are often delays and silos are formed. Feedback is very important for planning correctly, and when prioritization is difficult this may lead to ineffective business processes.

When there is a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow, all the involved teams have information transferred to them automatically in real time and know what the current priorities are.

This makes development and collaboration easy, and delays and silos are eliminated.

For these reasons many companies seek to integrate the two tools. However, if you have a specific use case or need to create complex data dependencies, you need an integration tool that allows that easily.

How do we solve them?

With the ZigiOps integration platform you can create a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow in a few clicks. ZigiOps allows advanced customizations, thanks to the filtering and mapping capabilities it offers. At the same time there are out-of-the box integration templates that you can load in a couple of minutes.

The templates are fully customizable and you do not need to write a single line of code. Everything is done easily through the UI, including complex data mappings.

With the ZigiOps integration platform, you can transfer all ServiceNow incidents and fields, as well as comments and attachments to Jira Product Discovery ideas.

You can use the pre-defined actions, conditions and transformations and customize them per your needs in a breeze.  

Even if you have non-standard workflows and need specific filtering, you can automate that with ZigiOps and eliminate manual work and silos. A Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow will help you streamline product enhancements and boost customer satisfaction.

How beneficial is the Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow?

The Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow allows companies to gather all types of ideas and input from customers and peers and use it immediately.

Product teams will have statistics and action points in real time and project managers can make good decisions much faster. The IT service desk team will be able to assist customers better and be updated at any given moment.

Keeping customers informed and making them see that their feedback and needs are considered and worked on can make a significant impact. A Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow gives the opportunity to communicate better with your users, and also have teams work together like never before.  

For example, the product team might be gathering and prioritizing ideas for a specific feature. There are a few incidents in ServiceNow related to that feature, and the product team needs the details. When there is a Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow, there is no need for the helpdesk team to forward these details via email or chat, or open Jira Product Discovery and enter them there manually. Instead, they can just set them to a specific status or add a specific comment (depending on the setting of your integration), and these incidents will immediately be transferred to Jira Product Discovery with all the necessary data. What is more, the additional data, that would be redundant to the product team does not need to be transferred. This way the product team will have exactly what they need in real time.

A bi-directional integration between ServiceNow and Jira Product Discovery will keep the helpdesk team informed on all updates and they can let the customers know what the progress on their requested feature is at any given time.

ZigiOps’ no-code Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow improves your processes and team collaboration and boosts client satisfaction. With ZigiOps you can automate complex workflows in minutes and build complex data dependencies without any code.

Concluding thoughts on the Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow

The Jira Product Discovery integration with ServiceNow helps companies make the right decisions for their portfolio and feature developments much faster. ZigiOps integration platform allows teams to collaborate better even if the data dependencies between them are complex and non-standard.

The integration is easy to scale and adjust and helps improve the overall processes and operational efficiency of the organization.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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