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Data Types: Ideas / Tasks / Issues / Stories / Custom Records

Jira Product Discovery (Ideas) → Jira (Issues)

Jira (Issues) → Jira Product Discovery (Ideas)

Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira Use Case

Align your DevOps and Project Management operations and streamline new ideas.

If your organization is using Jira to manage different projects and tasks, most probably you have lots of ideas for new projects or feature enhancements, as well as different types of feedback gathered in Jira tasks or stories. For the project managers to be able to systemize and work on these ideas, they need to be transferred to Jira Product Discovery.

Let’s describe one of the most common scenarios.

A ticket is open in Jira, and the DevOps team discovers that it contains an idea for a new feature. They need to open Jira Product Discovery and log the details there as an idea.  

With a ZigiOps Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira, the entire process is automated. The DevOps team doesn’t need to open Jira Product Discovery and log the details manually. The integration platform takes care of that in real time. ZigiOps detects the Jira ticket by some pre-defined specifics (these could be status, comments, etc.) and logs a new idea in Jira Product Discovery.

The connection is bi-directional, so the ticket is synchronized with the idea.  

The DevOps and the Project Management teams communicate quickly and efficiently. With ZigiOps, they don’t need to exchange any emails or phone calls, outside the tools they work in.

ZigiOps synchronizes all log files, comments, traces, and attachments. Thanks to the integration, the company can streamline new features development, enhance their portfolio with new products seamlessly, and eliminate communication bottlenecks.  

If there are any updates on the idea, ZigiOps will immediately reflect them in the Jira ticket. This way the development team will know exactly what the priorities of each project are, and what to start working on at any given time.

Why ZigiOps?

Why choose ZigiOps for your Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira?

Jira Software and Jira Product Discovery are two Atlassian products that fit perfectly together. Jira is one of the most popular DevOps tools, as it makes management of tasks, projects and bugs super easy. Jira Product Discovery is a new product, but companies are quickly adopting it, as it is super useful for gathering ideas, feedback and insights for different projects.  

When using both, having a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira can be very beneficial. It streamlines ideas processing and gets feedback straight to the responsible team members. Team collaboration is greatly improved, as well as handling of new projects and features development.  

There are different integration options available, but they do not always meet the various criteria companies have. Especially when large organizations have more complex workflows and need to set specific conditions for the integration.

This is where ZigiOps comes in. With our integration platform you can easily set all types of filters and conditions to define how data will be transferred between the two systems.

You have advanced data mapping capabilities and complex data dependencies can be set directly through the UI, without the need for any coding or API knowledge.  

On the other hand, ZigiOps is very easy and straight forward, and you can have your integration working within minutes, thanks to the ready-to-use templates that you can load immediately. ZigiOps is also highly scalable, and you can make unlimited updates and adjustments according to your needs.

When you do a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira using ZigiOps, you can be sure your teams will collaborate easily with no delays and silos.

You have flexibility and control over all data types that you want to transfer between the tools, and your integration can easily grow and expand together with your needs.

Why do a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira?

The Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira provides lots of opportunities to manage your projects and ideas better. New features are planned and realized much faster, and teams collaborate seamlessly. Customer feedback can be accommodated timely, and this boosts customer satisfaction.

You can filter the exact details that you need and get them transferred from Jira to Jira Product Discovery and vice versa.

This way you can prevent silos that hold valuable ideas back from completion.

The DevOps team can easily work with the project managers and make sure that all feedback is prioritized correctly.

The developers will also know what projects to focus on at any given moment and be sure that their schedule is aligned with the overall company strategy.

Processes are significantly improved, and misunderstandings are eliminated.

Common challenges for Jira and Jira Product Discovery users

Jira and Jira Product Discovery are of the same family of products and organizations use them together to manage projects and have their processes streamlined from start to finish.

Jira helps DevOps teams in all types of companies manage their projects and tasks. Jira Product Discovery allows project managers to gather and prioritize ideas and feedback, turning them into successful products and features.  

When using both tools, they need to be connected in order to have information flow properly between the teams. If there is no Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira in place, feedback and ideas may easily be lost, proper prioritization would be difficult, and misunderstandings and delays may occur.  

This is why the two platforms are often connected and transfer of data between them is automatic. However, if your organization needs specific filtering, or has a more complex use case, this is often not possible with standard integration methods.

You need to choose a tool that can help you map your data correctly and have the freedom to scale and upgrade the integration easily.

With a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira that meets your specific needs and allows you to have complex data dependencies, you can significantly boost your productivity and have customer feedback reflected in your products much faster.

How do we solve them?

With the ZigiOps integration platform you can create a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira in a few clicks. Using the customizable templates that are available in ZigiOps you can adjust any specific settings easily, fine tune data mapping and filtering, and create complex data dependencies in minutes.

ZigiOps is completely no-code and you do not need any coding or API knowledge. Everything is set through the UI. The integration platform provides pre-defined actions, conditions and transformations that you can customize per your needs.

You can transfer all Jira fields, including regular fields, custom fields, comments, attachments, issue links, etc.

You can easily turn the data into Jira Product Discovery ideas in a matter of minutes.

No matter how complex your workflows are, you can automate them and remove manual work with a smart Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira. Eliminate silos and delays and boost customer satisfaction.

How beneficial is the Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira?

The Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira allows all types of feedback, ideas and input from customers and employees to be used in the best possible way. Project managers would know exactly what to prioritize and how to make successful decisions faster.

The agile DevOps teams always need proper feedback, to improve their processes and be sure they are working with the right priorities.

Getting confirmations in real time and being able to put forward the tasks that would most impact the business in a positive way is critical. A Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira provides the right information and actionable data to the right team members at any time.  

For example, a developer is working on a specific feature, and is storing the information about it in Jira.

A ticket from a client is received in Jira with a request for the same feature, and some details about the use case for it.

When there is a Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira in place, the feature request will be immediately transferred to Jira Product Discovery and the project managers can count it towards other similar requests, considering the specific use case.

They will reflect this in JPD and the bi-directional integration will add the new details in the Jira ticket. This way the developer knows instantly what to focus on and how to approach the feature development.

ZigiOps’ no-code integration of Jira and Jira Product Discovery helps your teams collaborate much better and boosts client satisfaction. The integration platform allows you to make complex data connections in a breeze and automate all types of workflows.

Concluding thoughts on the Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira

The Jira Product Discovery integration with Jira using ZigiOps is made to assist enterprises with complex data dependencies and smart automation. It allows organizations to streamline even non-standard processes and have vital actionable data available in real time.

With ZigiOps the integration is easy to manage and scale whenever necessary.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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