May 3, 2022

ZigiWave joins the Datadog Marketplace

ZigiWave officially joined the Datadog marketplace. Users will now be able to download ZigiOps integrations directly from there.


Sofia  ZigiWave, the company behind the no-code integration platform ZigiOps, announced it is now an official marketplace partner of Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. The ZigiOps integrations are available today in the Datadog Marketplace.

Datadog consolidates metrics, traces, logs and more to help organizations scale their cloud environments, troubleshoot potential issues and provide customers with excellent digital experiences. The Datadog Marketplace connects customers with unique technology integrations that allow for more customization and flexibility. The Marketplace is part of the Datadog Partner Network, which features benefits including access to dedicated sales and marketing resources and premium Datadog product training materials.

Building this Datadog offering differentiates ZigiWave as a Datadog Partner Network (DPN) member that has demonstrated success, helping Datadog customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels of complexity.

ZigiOps is now available for purchase in the Datadog marketplace. For more information, please visit

About ZigiWave

ZigiWave is the company behind the no-code integration platform ZigiOps.ZigiOps is a no-code integration platform, which connects systems in minutes without any code. ZigiOps automates workflows and syncs data between ITSM, Monitoring, DevOps, and CRM systems in real-time. Setup your integrations in less than 5 minutes with our predefined integration templates. ZigiOps goes one step ahead to offer deep integrations, which enable advanced data mappings and filtering. ZigiOps can adapt to any customer use case, regardless of its complexity.


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