June 4, 2024

Telenet’s integration journey with ZigiOps

Learn how ZigiOps helped Telenet easily integrate BMC Remedyforce - Jira

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Case study
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The Client

Telenet is a leading telecommunications company in Belgium, providing a wide range of services including television, internet, and mobile communications. Focused on delivering high-quality customer experiences and innovative solutions, Telenet has established itself as a market leader. Their commitment to operational excellence drives them to continuously improve their processes and services.

Challenges and Integration Needs

Telenet faced significant challenges in managing IT problems efficiently due to their use of multiple systems. They utilized Jira Server for problem management and needed to integrate it with BMC Remedyforce, where problems were created by an external application.  

The manual transfer of data between these systems was time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays in problem resolution and operational inefficiencies.

The primary challenges included:

  1. Manual Data Transfer: Reliance on manual processes for transferring problem data from Jira Server to BMC Remedyforce resulted in delays and increased error rates.
  1. Lack of Synchronization: Real-time synchronization between Jira Server and BMC Remedyforce was not possible, hindering the efficiency of problem resolution.
  1. Complex Integration Requirements: The need to handle both the creation and bi-directional updates of problem data across different platforms required a robust and sophisticated integration solution.

ZigiOps Solution and Benefits

To address these challenges, Telenet implemented ZigiOps, a powerful integration platform known for its ability to handle complex multi-system integrations. Our no-code integration platform provided the following resolutions for smooth and easier handling of:

Jira Problems to Remedyforce Problems:

  • Creation: ZigiOps automatically creates Remedyforce problems from existing Jira problems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.
  • Bi-directional Updates: ZigiOps ensures that updates made in Jira are reflected in Remedyforce and vice versa, maintaining data consistency and enabling efficient problem management. However, since Remedyforce problems are created by an external application, ZigiOps handles only one-way updates from Jira to Remedyforce for these cases.

By automating these processes, ZigiOps significantly reduced the time and effort required to manage problem data, enhancing the client’s operational efficiency and accuracy. The integration allowed for real-time updates and synchronization, ensuring that all relevant information was up-to-date across both systems. Check out the details in our Jira BMC Remedyforce integration page.

"We were impressed by ZigiOps' capabilities in seamlessly integrating our diverse IT systems. With ZigiOps, we've streamlined our problem management processes and significantly improved our operational efficiency. Their solution has truly transformed the way we handle IT problems, allowing us to deliver better services to our customers." - Telenet  


In conclusion, ZigiOps has been a game-changer for our client, helping them overcome integration challenges and enhance their IT operations. By automating the creation and synchronization of problem data between Jira Server and BMC Remedyforce, ZigiOps has improved the efficiency and accuracy of problem management processes. This integration not only streamlined operations but also enabled the customer to provide superior services to their own customers, reinforcing their position as a trusted leader in the telecommunications industry.  

As Telenet.be continues to innovate, ZigiOps remains a key partner in their journey towards operational excellence.

Interested in seeing ZigiOps in action and optimizing your teams’ performance? Do not hesitate to book a demo today!

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