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Challenges for BMC Remedyforce​ users

BMC Remedyforce is a powerful IT Service Management platform that helps organizations manage incidents, problems, service requests, and tasks.

However, different teams in companies need to collaborate and often there are other apps they use, too. For example Jira for DevOps, ServiceNow for tickets handling, OpsBridge for infrastructure monitoring.

When information, like critical issues and alerts, is transferred manually between these systems, there is a huge chance for errors and delays. Resolutions of incidents slow down, and efficiency drops.

Integrating BMC Remedyforce with your other tools is crucial to minimize errors and misunderstandings coming from manual transfer of information. It helps you enable fast decision-making and improves business results.

How do we solve them?

Automate your help desk processes and set up a seamless end-to-end dataflow within your organization with the help of ZigiOps’ bi-directional integrations for BMC Remedyforce. Connect some of the most widely used enterprise software tools for ITOM, ITSM, APM, and DevOps - such as Jira, ServiceNow, Micro Focus OpsBridge, Dynatrace, and Salesforce - to BMC Remedyforce.

Simplify your operations and enjoy the huge functionality pool of all your applications, without disrupting your processes.

Popular Use Cases

The helpdesk team receives a new incident in Remedyforce, which, as they find out, results from a software bug. This means that they need to forward it to the developers.

With ZigiOps they don’t need to manually log the issue in Azure DevOps. The integration platform does all the heavy lifting: ZigiOps creates an incident in Azure DevOps and updates it in real time.

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