August 23, 2019

OpsBridge OMi and ServiceNow integration connector

The connection between ITOM and ITSM has never been easier! See how ZigiOps can connect Micro Focus Ops Bridge and ServiceNow.


In order to provide one of the best products on the market, we need to invest in it and improve it every day by extending its capabilities.

Following this practice, we added another great feature to our Integration Hub, enhancing the integration between Micro Focus OpsBridge OMi and ServiceNow.

Whats new?

We have developed and successfully implemented the ZigiOps Changes and Incidents workspace component for Micro Focus OMi. The purpose is make possible for the customers to create dashboards that show not only the active events in the OMi event browser, but also information about the active incidents and changes in ServiceNow.

All this is available in our new component it shows all the changes for past week, all the planned changes and all the active incidents for the selected CI. And you can even drill-down to ServiceNow just by a single click on the change/incident ID.

The best thing is that the displayed fields can be customized allowing the component to be personalized for the company needs.

Our connector is a best seller in Micro focus market place, and best recommended by their product and services teams.

See the latest information about use cases and features added to our Micro Focus OpsBridge ServiceNow integration.

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