August 30, 2019

SingTel – Case Study

How ZigiOps improved the Singtel operations by integrating their processes.

Case studies

Integration Success Story

Singapore Telecomunications Limited (SingTel) is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore with 4.1 million subscribers and through subsidiaries like Optus  Australia, has a combined mobile subscriber base of 640 million customers. The monitoring of a wide range of services like Fixed Telephony, Mobile Telephony, Internet Access, Cable television, Leased Lines and Data Transmission is an extremely challenging task by itself and is achieved with the use of many different monitoring tools from different vendors.

Use Case:

For providing high availability and quality of service the proactive monitoring is crucial. SingTel are making use of Dynatrace Davis AI engine  an extremely advanced tool for monitoring Applications and detecting potential problems, automatic discovery of dependencies, root cause analysis and business impact. However, this is only one of the many tools they have implemented and making it work in unison with Micro Focus Ops Bridge and ServiceNow required massive human effort. Automating the dataflow through different process was a top priority for SingTel and they chose ZigiOps because of its flexibility, simplicity of the implementation and the adept guidance of the ZigiWave consultants during the POC stage.


By taking advantage of ZigiOps patterns and dynamic mappings, Singtel easily managed to unify all of the monitoring data into one single console and automated the Incident creation for the problems that are most critical to them  Availability. Not only the data flow was automated and unified between the different tools but it was done in a seamless, transparent and easily comprehensible way.

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