SolarWinds – OpsBridge Integration

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Data Types: Events / Nodes / Metrics

SolarWinds (Alerts) OpsBridge (Events)

SolarWinds (Topology) OpsBridge (Topology)

SolarWinds (Metrics)OpsBridge (Metrics)

SolarWinds (Events)OpsBridge (Events)

SolarWinds – OpsBridge Integration Use Case

You can use this integration if your main APM system is SolarWinds and you want to synchronize events/alerts, topology and metrics into Micro Focus Operations Bridge.

When an event/alert is triggered in SolarWinds, the ZigiOps integration will pick it up automatically and will report an event in OBM. The platform gives you a high degree of control on data filtering to make sure it collects only the required SolarWinds events/alerts. You also have a full control of data field mapping to define how ZigiOps reports data to OBM.

Updates in SolarWinds for events/alerts that have already been transferred to OBM are collected automatically and synchronized with the related events in OBM based on the OBM event correlation logic.

Topology (nodes, interfaces, or other types) from SolarWinds is collected by ZigiOps in real-time and reported to OBM. Changes to the topology in SolarWinds are collected and sent to OBM, and the platform updates the existing topology.

ZigiOps collects metrics from SolarWinds and reports them to Micro Focus Operations Connector OA DB. These metrics are then accessible in OBM Performance Perspective.

Challenges for SolarWinds and OpsBridge users

SolarWinds provides monitoring and lifecycle management of your assets and helps you solve diverse business challenges. OpsBridge allows you to have an overview on your infrastructure, and monitor all devices, applications, services, operational systems, VMs, or databases.

In large organizations it is very common for different teams to use different tools. So you might be using both SolarWinds and OpsBridge to monitor different aspects of your enterprise infrastructure. However, if you have not connected the two systems, you are most probably experiencing data silos and missing the big picture due to scattered data.

If you integrate OpsBridge and SolarWinds, you can collect, process and analyze data in seconds. Using an integration platform can enhance your stability and operational efficiency.

How do we solve them?

A powerful integration platform, like ZigiOps, allows you to unify your data on a single platform and improve data accessibility by connecting Solarwinds and OpsBridge. You don’t need to do any coding with ZigiOps.

The integration platform automatically collects new Events and Metrics from SolarWinds and reports them to OpsBridge, based on your pre-defined filtering. Regular fields, custom properties and lifecycle fields are all part of the synchronization.

With ZigiOps’ pre-built templates, you get a wide set of actions, conditions, and transformations, to help you set up your integration. This way, you can adapt it to your own requirements, and to any use case scenario you have. Connect your teams and departments effortlessly and make informed decisions about your business challenges.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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