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Data Types: Events / Pipelines

CircleCI – OpsBridge integration use case

If you are using OpsBridge to monitor your systems and want to track the DevOps pipelines with it, as well, ZigiOps is the perfect solution for you. Here is one of the most common scenarios we see.

Тhere are failed pipelines in CircleCI and you need to monitor them in OpsBridge. Instead of manually transferring all the details, ZigiOps automates the process in a few clicks.

The integration platform extracts all the data from the failed CircleCI pipelines and logs it in OBM in real time. All the information you need, like job, author, project, user, commit, workflow, trigger, VCS, etc. is automatically transferred in the corresponding OpsBridge events. No manual work is necessary.

With the CircleCI OpsBridge integration your DevOps workflows become super smooth. This boosts productivity and frees the engineers to work on building great products, instead of logging in different systems and manually transferring data.

Challenges for CircleCI and OpsBridge users

CircleCI automates the DevOps pipelines and helps developers build, test and deploy faster and orchestrate jobs easily. Micro Focus OpsBridge monitors the company’s IT environment and provides an overview of the health and performance of all systems and resources. If you are using both and you need to monitor everything in one place, but you have no OpsBridge CircleCI integration, data needs to be transferred manually between them. You risk getting errors and faulty tests that lead to delays and unresolved issues.

How do we solve them?

Integrate CircleCI and OpsBridge in a few clicks with ZigiOps. Sync pipelines and easily filter the faulty ones that need monitoring. With the customizable templates, advanced filtering and mapping options and easy to set correlation logic, you can fit even the most complex use case.

Sync job, author, project, user, commit, workflow, trigger, VCS, and more.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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