AppDynamics – Jira Integration

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Data Types: Events / Health Rule Violations / Metrics / Issues

AppDynamics (Events) → Jira (Events)

AppDynamics - Jira Integration Use Case

ZigiOps collects AppDynamics Events and/or Health rule violations (HRVs), based on predefined criteria, and reports them to Jira. The integration platform transfers and syncs all related host details and other relevant information. Alternatively, ZigiOps can collect AppDynamics metrics and report them to Jira with related server/host information.

You have granular control of ZigiOps’ data filtering and field mapping features, which allows you to define exactly which events need to be transferred to Jira, and how the information gets reported. Sync regular fields, custom fields, lifecycle fields and comments instantly.

This integration helps you optimize the performance of your applications and infrastructure, and address any software issues that impact them.

Challenges for AppDynamics and Jira users

AppDynamics helps you monitor and improve the health and performance of your IT infrastructure. Jira is one of the most popular DevOps solutions, used to streamline development and project management.

Companies use both systems to manage different aspects of their workload. If you’re using the two apps without integrating them, you risk creating informational silos, duplicate records, or discrepancies. This can cause errors, and slow down the work of your teams.

This is why an integration platform that syncs data between AppDynamics and Jira can be crucial in improving your operational efficiency.

How do we solve them?

With ZigiOps’ fully customizable and scalable templates, you can integrate AppDynamics and Jira in minutes. You don’t need any coding or API knowledge. Connect AppDynamics and Jira with ZigiOps’ agile integration and sync the different elements of your software ecosystem to make teams communicate easier and work better together.

• Poll Azure for new tasks every for 60 seconds
• Transform Azure tasks to Jira tasks based on the mapping
• Create new Jira task in ZigiOps

• Poll Jira tasks every 60 seconds
• Transform Jira task updates to the Azure task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Azure task based on the mapping
• Add comment to the Azure task for the new comment of the Jira task if any

• Poll Azure for changes on task item every 60 seconds
• Transform Azure task updates to the Jira task based on the mapping
• Update the corresponding Jira task based on the mapping
• Add Comment to the Jira task for the new comment of the Azure task if any

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