August 30, 2019

ZigiWave at OpsBridge Universe 2019 in Vienna

Meet us at Micro Focus Universe 2019, Vienna 26 – 28 March!


Meet us at Micro Focus Universe 2019, Vienna 26 28 March!

Lead by the needs of the Business, we at ZigiWave are focused on delivering a software solution that can be flexible enough to adjust to any organization process and instead of changing it to optimize it.
Our integration platform, ZigiOps, utilizes innovative technology to establish an information exchange channel between Micro Focus Operation management tools and other vital business applications like ServiceNow, Cherwell, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, BMC Remedy and others.

Experience End-to-End data Exchange with Ops Bridge and ZigiOps:

  • Ops Bridge as a Single-Pane-Of-Glass a single operations console to present all the discovery and monitoring data
  • High level of customization simple / conditional attribute and value mappings
  • Quick and easy setup a few clicks and the data is already on its way
  • OOTB integrations with ITOM, ITSM, APM, Cloud and other tools

How we helped some of the biggest organization in the World: Ops Bridge and BMC Remedy

Meet us at Micro Focus Universe 2019
Reach out to us at Micro Focus Universe and lets discuss how to facilitate your IT Operations!

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