November 13, 2023

ZigiWave wins the 2023 Software and Technology Awards edition as Best No-Code Integration Platform.

ZigiWave wins again at the Software and Technology Awards


Few words about ZigiWave

The ZigiWave team is absolutely thrilled to share that for the second time, the ZigiOps no-code integration platform has been honored with the title of Best No-Code Integration Platform 2023 at the Software and Technology Awards.

The Software and Technology Awards serve as a platform for recognizing pioneers and innovators in contemporary technology throughout the Americas. Our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence and ensuring client satisfaction has been brought to the forefront through extensive research conducted by an independent awards team. This research encompasses various criteria, including our business performance, longevity, growth, notable achievements, and, above all, the valuable testimonials provided by our clients.

Introducing ZigiWave  

At ZigiWave, were dedicated to simplifying and democratizing the world of integration. With our cutting-edge no-code integration platform, ZigiOps, weve paved the way for bi-directional integrations across a wide spectrum of over 40 of the most popular software tools used by businesses  Jira, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, Salesforce, Azure, BMC Remedy, SolarWinds, and more.

We are incredibly honored to receive the award for Best No-Code Integration Platform for the second consecutive year in 2023. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to providing innovative and efficient integration solutions to our clients. At ZigiWave, our overarching goal is to empower enterprises to scale their performance, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve their business objectives. This award reaffirms our strive to this mission and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of whats possible in the field of integration technology. We look forward to delivering even greater value to our customers in the years ahead and remain steadfast in our pursuit of helping businesses thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Recently, ZigiOps successfully released its new solutions bundle for companies that need to integrate their internally built/custom systems with other conventional software  the ZigiOps web listener, web poller and webhook.


Software and Technology awards in brief

In an era of rapidly advancing technological innovations, the demand for service providers in this domain is surging. The Americas, renowned as the global epicenter for technology and software development, currently houses over a million jobs within this industry, making technology an integral part of the modern industrial landscape.

The Software and Technology Awards are designed to recognize contemporary technology enterprises and individuals in the software and technology sectors. These awards celebrate sustained excellence and unwavering dedication to driving technological progress and development.


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