November 10, 2021

ZigiOps is going to the cloud

The most flexible, no-code integration tool is now on the cloud as well. Learn more about the cloud version of ZigiOps. Request a free trial.


Why are we going to the cloud?

We are simply providing what you asked for.

Our clients and prospects requested for a cloud option, and we are answering. We know that many organizations are already used to working in the cloud and love all the flexibility it offers.

Taking ZigiOps to the cloud would bring lots of benefits, like improving agility and scalability, ease of testing, and speed. You no longer need to install ZigiOps on your machine. Try our out-of-the-box integration templates and automated workflows, by quickly signing up for a cloud trial.

Overview of the ZigiOps Cloud Version

ZigiOps Cloud allows you to flawlessly integrate some of the most popular monitoring, ITSM, and DevOps tools. It provides out-of-the-box integrations for 30+ applications. The cloud version of ZigiOps will automatically connect your systems and unite your data conveniently, so you can have a complete overview of your operations and make efficient business decisions quickly.

ZigiOps Clouds' powerful integrations can be set within minutes, and with just a few clicks you can test them without the need to install or change anything in your environment.

ZigiOps advanced filtering and mapping options are available in the cloud version, too. You can set your specific requirements easily, and implement complex use cases within minutes. Automate your workflows and speed up response times now with ZigiOps in the cloud.

How to apply for a cloud trial?

Submit your request here. After we review your message, one of our account managers will create an account for you and get back to you with your password. We strongly advise you to change the initially issued password. Once we know which integrations you are interested in, we will issue the license and you can start testing.

The whole approval/start trial process won't take more than a day, depending on the customer's collaboration and response times.

We are happy to offer the convenience of the cloud to all our potential customers and give them more speed and flexibility for testing the ZigiOps platform.

What happens to the on-premise version of ZigiOps?

We know that on-premise applications are reliable, and secure, and allow enterprises to maintain a level of control that the cloud sometimes cannot. This is why our on-premise option isn't going anywhere.

Even though the cloud has many benefits, the scope of work of some organizations requires them to host the platform in their own environment. So the on-premise option will be available in the future if you prefer installing ZigiOps on your own machine and having full control over it.

Experience the ZigiOps Cloud platform right away and enjoy the fast and reliable integrations that you can up without writing a single line of code. Start your free cloud trial now.

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