June 17, 2024

ServiceNow Knowledge'24: A Comprehensive Overview

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ServiceNow Knowledge'24 is a pivotal event in the landscape of enterprise IT and digital transformation. As the premier conference hosted by ServiceNow, it brings together a global community of IT professionals, developers, partners, and industry leaders to share insights, explore new technologies, and discuss the future of enterprise service management.

What is ServiceNow Knowledge?

ServiceNow Knowledge is celebrated for its in-depth sessions, hands-on labs, and unmatched networking opportunities. The event empowers attendees with the latest knowledge and tools to drive innovation and efficiency in their organizations.  

Knowledge'24 built on the successes of previous years, introducing new features, technologies, and strategies to help businesses navigate the complexities of digital transformation.

Why Knowledge'24 is an Important Event?

Knowledge'24 is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Industry Leadership: As a leading platform in IT service management, ServiceNow sets the pace for industry standards and innovations. The conference provides a stage to announce and demonstrate new capabilities and features.
  1. Networking: The event attracts a diverse group of professionals, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and partnership.
  1. Education: With its comprehensive sessions and workshops, Knowledge'24 is an invaluable educational resource for attendees looking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Key Topics and Themes

The Knowledge'24 conference covered a wide range of topics, focusing on the latest trends and technologies in the industry:

  1. Platform Innovation
  • Advancements in the ServiceNow platform, including updates to ITSM, ITOM, CSM, and more.
  • Introduction of new features designed to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency.
  1. Digital Transformation
  • Strategies for driving digital transformation across various industries.
  • Best practices for optimizing IT service delivery and streamlining business processes.
  1. AI and Automation
  • Insights into AI-powered tools such as chatbots, virtual agents, and predictive analytics.
  • Real-world applications of AI and machine learning in enterprise environments.
  1. Security and Compliance
  • Best practices for securing data and managing compliance.
  • New tools and frameworks for ensuring regulatory adherence.
  1. Customer Success Stories
  • Case studies from ServiceNow customers demonstrating successful implementations.
  • Insights into achieving significant business outcomes using the ServiceNow platform.
  1. Industry Trends
  • Discussions on emerging trends and technologies, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Future directions for enterprise IT and service management.

What’s New in Knowledge'24

Knowledge'24 introduced several new elements compared to previous years:

  • Enhanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities: ServiceNow showcased new AI-driven features that improve automation and predictive analytics.
  • Security and Compliance: New tools and strategies for managing security and compliance were highlighted, reflecting the increasing importance of data protection in digital transformation.
  • Expanded Platform Features: Updates to core products like ITSM, ITOM, and CSM, along with new integrations and workflows, were introduced.

Product Enhancements and AI Integration

ServiceNow’s expansion of generative AI capabilities on the Now platform was a highlight. The new features include a ‘bring your own model’ option in all Now Assist portfolios, allowing customers to use ServiceNow’s models, general-purpose LLMs, or their own models.

Key product updates include:

  • Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM): Centralizes customer feedback and requests, reducing response times and enabling quicker adaptation to changing needs. It features a conversational experience for demand creation using natural language processing.
  • Prompt Management: Initially for Now Assist for ITSM, this feature allows administrators to configure the Now Assist experience using a no-code, point-and-click interface. Predefined prompts will highlight essential information based on specific business contexts.
  • Service Catalog Item Generation: Available in Now Assist for Creator, this uses generative AI to create catalog items from natural language inputs, helping developers generate descriptions and question sets with text prompts.
  • Playbook Generation: Also in Now Assist for Creator, this feature enables process workers and analysts to generate workflow playbooks using natural language prompts, creating consistent and auditable processes quickly.
  • Knowledge Article Generation: For ITSM, CSM, and HR Service Delivery, this feature drafts knowledge articles based on incident and case records.
  • Post-Call Summarization: Available in Now Assist for CSM, this feature summarizes voice call transcripts, saving agents' time.
  • Feedback Summarization: For SPM, this analyzes and distills customer feedback, helping product managers prioritize effectively.
  • Alert Group Simplification: Part of Now Assist for ITOM AIOps, this uses AI to identify patterns among incidents, providing a comprehensive view of system and infrastructure status.

Impact on Employment and Business Transformation

During his keynote at Knowledge'24, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott addressed concerns about AI’s impact on jobs. He emphasized that AI would redefine work rather than eliminate jobs. “Every workflow in every company in every corner of the company will be reinvented with generative AI,” McDermott proclaimed. He stressed the need for exponential, not incremental, thinking in adopting AI.

Real-World Success Stories

Several success stories were shared during Knowledge'24:

  • Warner Bros. Discovery: Implemented ServiceNow to foster a frictionless, productive, and enjoyable work environment. The chatbot Ask Sheldon provides quick answers across HR, IT, and finance.
  • BT Group: Consolidated numerous platforms using ServiceNow, improving customer experience and Net Promoter Scores.
  • HSBC: Streamlined its procurement process, consolidating fragmented systems and significantly enhancing efficiency.

AI at the Core of ServiceNow’s Vision

Jon Sigler and Joe Davis of ServiceNow detailed the Now Platform’s architecture, highlighting how its experience, workflow, intelligence, and data layers are designed for seamless business transformation. In 2023, ServiceNow’s AI drastically reduced the time required to create knowledge base articles, demonstrating AI’s potential to boost productivity and user experience.


ServiceNow Knowledge'24 is an essential event for IT professionals and business leaders seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of enterprise service management. With its focus on platform innovation, digital transformation, AI and automation, security and compliance, and customer success, Knowledge'24 delivers valuable insights and practical guidance.  

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