June 2, 2021

Margarita Petrova

Maggie is an Account Manager and has an interesting story to share.


My background

Ive lived in Sofia, Bulgaria, all my life. I have a background in graphic design, which is also my Bachelors degree. Before ZigiWave, I was working in an advertising agency, first as a graphic designer, and then as an art director and an account manager.

Then a natural transition happened and I decided to move on and switch fields: I had always been interested in IT. I dont have an IT background, but Ive always been a tech geek.

My role at ZigiWave

I started working for ZigiWave in 2019 as a Sales Account Manager.

This was the perfect career switch for me: Im passionate about communicating with clients and building solid client relationships, and Im also very interested in the sales process itself.

Every day, I coordinate and manage the entire sales process from A to Z, including demos, trials, POCs, commercial negotiations, dealing with documentation, as well as making the connection between the clients and the technical team prior to a purchase. With each client, Im on a different stage of the sales cycle and challenges are various. In short, I manage the client journey from the beginning until the purchase and coordinate all the related processes. I love this dynamic Its never boring.

Ive learned a whole lot of things here at ZigiWave. This was my first time at a sales position and in an IT company, so in the beginning, the learning curve was steep and in the fast lane. I had to take over a sizable amount of new prospects and also take care of the existing clients. In less than 6 months, I was able to lead a client through the whole sales cycle.

The Zigi team

The Zigi team is amazing! Everyone is super helpful, responsive, and professional. Im in constant communication with the team, and were all getting along very well. The technical guys are all a great source of information and knowledge.

If someone new would join the company tomorrow, Id tell them theyre coming to a real cteam: a place where people collaborate and help each other all the time. The environment at ZigiWave is friendly and very supportive, and were all working to solve challenges together.

Dealing with difficulties at work

When I encounter a difficult situation at work, I gather all the information I can, and get advice from the technical team and from our management. Then I create a strategy on how to address the issue and act accordingly.

and in life

Im very well-organized and disciplined. Although Im an emotional person, during hard times, I become very methodical. I deal with difficult situations step by step: I break down big challenges in smaller steps and tackle them one by one.

Recharging and de-stressing

To recharge and de-stress, I do sports or hang out with my friends. Or both!

My sources of inspiration


I love travelling. Discovering new cultures and visiting beautiful natural spots are both magical for me. But of all places on Earth, my favourite place is where love is.

Im more of a reader than a movie-goer, and I mostly read non-fiction books on psychology, economics, etc. I cant read fiction anymore. If a book isnt giving me practical advice, or something to think about on a deeper level, I find it difficult to finish.

I dont have a favourite book. Every book Ive read has served a specific purpose in my life and in my personal development and evolution. I have had lots of influences in the past from books Ive read, and I might sometimes refer to them, but most often I just move on to new sources of information and of inspiration.

On celebrating success

I celebrate life every day! I celebrate success in many ways and on many occasions. Small successes count just as much and need to be celebrated.

A day in my life

The first thing I do is to check emails and see if theres anything that needs urgent attention. Then I get myself a cup of tea or a delicious cappuccino. Afterwards, I check my calendar to plan my day.

I might read a few articles, and then I start with my daily tasks.

After work, I usually do sports or enjoy family time, cook, or go out with friends.

The things Im looking forward to

Right now, Im more concentrated on the present moment, and on being here and now. Ive always had long-term goals (and still have them, of course), but right now I try to simply enjoy my life as it is at the moment, and to make progress in each area of my life.

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