December 21, 2021

Happy Holidays!

In our People of ZigiWave series we uncover the stories of our team members. See this special holiday edition with the whole ZigiWave team sending you blessings.


Our 2021 in a nutshell

Working from home, being more or less isolated, and bombarded by worrying news, people strived to stay calm and safe. Businesses had lots of obstacles and some even took completely different directions. Even while working remotely, our team managed to stay cohesive despite all the difficulties this year brought.

We want to wish you Happy Holidays and pass some of our positivity and high spirits to everyone, because whatever happens we need to be grateful for all we have, keep smiling and find the good side of every situation.

Here are our super-heroes, reindeers and good fairies sending you their best holiday wishes...


I would like to first wish you all health, professional success and lots of love throughout the new year and beyond!

ZigiWave is indeed a small but truly insightful and inspiring organization, which brings joy and ambition in the working process like no other company I have worked for before. I would like to say toda raba for everything and I look forward for us to conquering new horizons together.

Wishing all the Zigi family a very festive Holiday season and all the best!

Yanko Kostadinov

Technical Presales Consultant


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