August 13, 2021

OpsBridge - VMWare SD-WAN Integration Guide

Integrate VMWare SD-WAN and OpsBridge in a few clicks with ZigiOps.


An Overview of VeloCloud and OpsBridge

In todays fast-paced environment having a real-time overview on your IT infrastructure is a must. Monitoring tools successfully detect discrepancies in those environments and alert the responsible teams, prior they become issues. Oftentimes companies are using different monitoring tools such as VeloCloud and MicroFocus OBM and need to combine the data to get the so-called single pane of glass on their infrastructure.

OpsBridge is an undisputed leader in the network performance and monitoring area. Used by many enterprises, OpsBridge can collect network data from various sources to give monitoring teams a single overview of their infrastructure.

VeloCloud (VMWare SD-WAN) is the market leader in cloud-delivered SD-WAN that enables enterprises and service providers to deploy flexible, secure WAN connectivity. VeloCloud virtualizes WAN connections to ensure the reliability of network traffic between different locations, while guaranteeing the agility and performance of networks.

Integrating the VMWare SD-WAN and OpsBridge is essential for companies, who want to get a full overview on their network performance and make sense of their data. Here a couple of other benefits we identified:

  • Transfer network performance data from VeloCloud to OBM
  • Get a single pane of glass on your IT infrastructure
  • Capture all data from your monitoring sources
  • Enhance communication between Monitoring teams
  • Automate system workflows
  • Resolve discrepancies, prior they become issues

Common VeloCloud - OpsBridge Use Case

The most common use case for integrating VMWare SD-WAN and Micro Focus OBM is when you want to enable the real-time data transfer between the two. If you are using both monitoring systems in your environment, synchronizing them would give you a real-time overview on your network health and performance. You can use this integration to transfer topology and metrics from SD-WAN to OpsBridge, in order to enrich your monitoring data and have a complete overview of your infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

Let's dive deep and see how this data integration works in action.

ZigiOps detects Edges (physical or virtual routers), Network Services, Alerts and Events in VMWare SD-WAN and logs them in OpsBridge automatically. For each record, the integration platform sends all the necessary information, like title, correlation keys, description, related CI, severity, and others.

With ZigiOps, you can also gather Open or Closed Alerts and log them in two categories, based on their status. In OpsBridge, you can relate each Event either to a link, or an interface, or you can relate it to a specific Edge.

You can define your custom fields via the field map to match your exact use case. You have granular control over the trigger conditions that define which records and fields ZigiOps will transfer, such as lifecycle synchronization, regular fields, custom attributes, and annotations. You can collect both Interface and Edge metrics, such as metric name, timestamp, related CI, value, etc., and forward them to OpsBridge automatically.

For more information on the integration use case, check out our VeloCloud  Micro Focus OBM page.

Setup of the VMWare SD-WAN - OpsBridge Integration with ZigiOps

Integrating VeloCloud and OpsBridge is simple as the user creates, modifies and launches the integration from the ZigiOps UI entirely. Your integration goes live in less than 10 minutes.

Check out our configuration video here or go to the next section, which explains how to set up the integration in single steps.

If you already have a specific use case and would like to see how ZigiOps can resolve it  schedule a 45-minute demo. We can start your free trial or PoC immediately after the demo.

1.Installing the ZigiOps Integration Platform

ZigiOps is an on-premise integration platform, but it connects to both on-prem and cloud deployments. SaaS version of ZigiOps is available to trial now. You can register for a cloud trial here. The installation process is easy and takes no more than 10 minutes. For more information on how to install our integration platform check the technical documentation.

2. Connecting to your SD-WAN & OpsBridge Instances

Next, you need to choose which systems you want to integrate and verify their API connections with ZigiOps. You can easily do that by going to the Connected systems menu and clicking on Add new system.

We are technology partners with all vendors for whom we provide integrations and ZigiOps uses only the official APIs.

3. Integration Configuration & Mappings

Once you have successfully connected to your SD-WAN and OpsBridge instances its time to configure the actual integration. ZigiOps offers predefined templates to cover each use case. All templates are fully customizable and allow users to modify the integration at any given point.

You can choose among a wide variety of SD-WAN OpsBridge integration templates. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • VMWare SD-WAN Events  OpsBridge
  • SD-WAN Edges and Metrics  OpsBridge
  • SD-WAN Topology  
  • OpsBridge
  • from and more.

You can also create your integration from scratch if you prefer to do it this way.

Once the template is loaded, it's time to adjust the integration configuration per your use case. You just need to select from which system you would like the transfer to begin (in this case it's from VMWare SD-WAN to OpsBridge). Then you need to adjust the frequency, meaning tell ZigiOps on what interval it should pull information from VeloCloud.

After that, you can proceed with data mappings and filterings. As you can see in the screenshots below, ZigiOps is a highly customizable and extremely flexible integration tool. You can adjust the settings of your integration, regardless of whether you are synchronizing topology, events, metrics, or something else.

Live demo of the VeloCloud - OpsBridge integration

Check out how the alert  events integration works

Once you are ready wit the setup of your integration and all customizations, its time to see how it actually works. In this video, we are going to take the transfer of alerts to events. As you can see in the video, ZigiOps automatically syncs all related fields and data between VMWare SD-WAN and OBM. Since our data integrations are bi-directional, all updates on the events and metrics are synchronized as well.

We are not going to get deeper into the technical capabilities and flexibility of our integration platform, as there are too many possible use cases. ZigiOps covers all of them, regardless of their complexity, and with zero coding required. You can see a live demonstration of any integration by scheduling a demo with us.

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