August 11, 2021

Melco Case Study

ZigiOps played a key role in Melco Resorts' integration journey by integrating Jira and ServiceNow. This enabled real-time data exchange.

Case studies

ZigiOps integrated Melcos IT systems, Jira Software and ServiceNow, helping them automate processes, while also allowing them to filter out noise and unnecessary information. Our integration platform enhanced cross-team collaboration, improved operational efficiency, and helped Melco resolve issues faster than ever.

The Client:

Melco (Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited) is a Hong Kong-based developer, owner and operator of casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities in Asia and in Europe. It has over 21,000 employees worldwide and is listed on NASDAQ. It has facilities in Macau, the Philippines and in Cyprus.

Challenge overview:

The Melco DX (Digital Transformation) team focuses on improving the experience of both guests and team members through different digital products, such as the Melco Club app. The app automates check-in, room service, bookings and communication with staff, and enhances guests gaming experience. This app, together with Melco DXs other digital initiatives, aim to create engagement, guarantee a stellar customer experience, and simplify team communication.

To support this complex software ecosystem, which is built on AWS, Melco DX is using the ServiceNows Service Catalog for planning, approving and tracking software enhancements and bug fixes, and Jira to forward the relevant Features and Bugs to their tech teams. They needed to connect the two tools and keep them in sync, to make sure they have full visibility into all upcoming enhancements/fixes and their status.

To connect Jira and ServiceNow, there are a few possibilities, such as:

  • Replace existing software tools with others to work with fewer vendors
  • Find an integration platform to connect Jira and ServiceNow
  • Develop an integration internally

Melco decided to go with ZigiWaves no-code integration platform, ZigiOps, and its powerful integration for Jira and ServiceNow. This is also one of our most popular integrations that brings value to many of our customers.

The Solution:

Melco now manages their software ecosystem with the help of ZigiOps integration for Jira and ServiceNow. Lets look at the details.

Melcos IT ecosystem is constantly evolving, so a lot of different enhancement requests have to be considered and prioritized. When the business management team decides that a new feature should be developed and implemented, they describe the story and the logic behind it in ServiceNows Service Catalog, via a series of questions and check boxes.

The Catalog Requests in ServiceNow contain several fields, such as:

  • Description
  • Short Description
  • Special Instructions

For each Catalog Request, Melco always has 2 separate Items:

  • A business item with a business description of the need
  • A technical item that the technical team needs to work on

The business item needs to be approved by the relevant people first. Once its approved, ZigiOps collects the technical item and logs it into Jira, creating either a Feature or a Bug. This allows the business management team to quickly and efficiently communicate with the technical team.

The integration automatically populates the Jira record with information on:

  • The project and team assignment
  • A short description of the Story
  • The details of the Service Request
  • Whether the request is an enhancement, bug fix, or both
  • Whether its ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The integration platform automatically syncs records in ServiceNow and Jira bi-directionally, including priority and status data. Communication between both teams is effortless, as comments are also synchronized instantly (in both directions).

Outcomes & Results

This integration gave Melco the possibility to:

  • Streamline communication between different teams and departments. There are many different teams working on different projects and apps. Communication between them is now much easier, thanks to ZigiOps. Comments (which are instantly synced) serve as a two-way communication channel, via which each team can ask for additional info.
  • Let each team work with the app that theyre most used to. The business management team is using ServiceNow, while the development team is using Jira. They can easily stay in touch with each other without needing to switch apps.
  • Automate processes and reduce manual work. This helps Melco eliminate the risk of human errors, duplicate records, or incomplete data when working with complex variables and conditions.
  • Reduce the time necessary to handle each request. Manual work is slower: thanks to our integration, the business management and the technical teams communicate better with each other, which brings down the time needed to handle requests.
  • Eliminate noise and concentrate on critical information. ServiceNow notifies each person who needs to give their approval. Once all approvals are collected, ZigiOps automatically creates a Bug or a Feature in Jira. This way, the development team only gets tasks that have been approved, eliminating noise.

Melcos use case is complex and multi-layered, which has also pushed our team to constantly look for new solutions, add extra features, and make key improvements to our integration platform. This helps us develop new features and upgrades for all other integrations: were dedicated to always improving our product by working closely with all our clients and adapting to their needs.

Thanks to the platforms advanced integration capabilities, ZigiOps solves Melcos business challenge by streamlining and automating cross-team communication.

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