June 2, 2021

PEXA Case Study

ZigiOps played a key role in PEXA's integration journey by automating data flows between Jira and ServiceNow. Read their integration success story

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Integration Success Story

Summary: PEXA is using ZigiOps to integrate two of its key IT systems, Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow. Our integration platform gives PEXA full visibility of their operations in real time and allows them to sync the work of different teams and departments effortlessly. This helps our client improve the management of their IT Services, have better visibility into recurring issues, and solve them faster than ever.

The Client:

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia Limited) is an electronic conveyancing and property exchange solution provider operating on the Australian market. PEXA is managing an online settlement platform geared towards the property and banking industries.

Challenge overview:

PEXA uses both Atlassian Jira and ServiceNow in their day-to-day IT operations, which are key for the management of their IT Services. Different departments and teams use the two applications to manage various aspects of their operations. To fully take advantage of the capabilities of each system, our client needed an automatic data transfer solution, which exchanges data between them, based on specific criteria.

PEXA considered a few possibilities:

  • Replace some of their existing software tools with others to work with fewer vendors.
  • Develop an in-house solution.
  • Use an integration solution to connect the two platforms.

After weighing the pros and cons of each option, they went with ZigiWaves no-code integration platform, ZigiOps.

The Solution:

With ZigiOps, PEXA could integrate the two platforms and seamlessly transfer incidents, tasks, bugs, and all other required types of records. Implementing ZigiOps solved PEXAs business challenge by connecting Jira and ServiceNow bi-directionally, allowing them to transfer data in both directions regardless of the current use case.

Integrated Data Types

  • ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and Problem Management
  • Jira Projects and Tasks

Outcomes & Results

The integration gives PEXA the possibility to:

  • Create tasks in Jira from specific ServiceNow incidents filtered to match their requirements.
  • Manage the transferred entity records from either of the integrated systems.
  • Synchronize bi-directionally all changes between the integrated entities.
  • Ability to change the field mapping configuration with just a few clicks independently.

ZigiOps automatically collects data based on the customer-configured filter criteria. This means that its up to PEXAs IT teams to decide how and when to transfer data between the two platforms. ZigiOps provides full transparency into their integrated records, which helps to optimize communication and boosts each teams efficiency. The integration platform handles the correlation automatically. As a result, PEXAs engineers and consultants have more time to work on critical tasks and incidents and can handle them faster.

The entire integration process is fully automated. Jira and ServiceNow are synchronized in real time, meaning that everybody can instantly check each records status in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to its advanced integration capabilities, our platform proved to be the best solution to PEXAs business challenge.

Here are some of the key results for PEXA:

  • Real-time bi-directional synchronization between Jira and ServiceNow
  • Faster incident resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Improved visibility into recurring issues, simplifying problem management

ZigiOps provides PEXA with a complete overview of their IT operations and synchronizes their software tools in real time.

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