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Connect your internal systems with various IT Service Management, Monitoring, DevOps, CRM and Cloud tools. Make custom integrations seamlessly with the ZigiOps Generic Connector.

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Challenges for ZigiOps Web Listener Integrations users

Companies often use custom systems that are built internally and are specific for their needs. These systems scale with the organization and are usually not connected to the rest of the software stack. When there is no integration between your custom systems and the other applications you are using, data might be scattered and not available to the team members that need it. Manual transfer of data often causes silos, delays and problems with issue resolutions. This brings drops in customer satisfaction levels and slows down company progress.

A seamless integration between all the systems and platforms the company is using, including the custom ones, can resolve the issues above. With the help of ZigiOps this can easily happen.

How do we solve them?

The ZigiOps Web Listener allows you to connect your custom and internal systems to any other software you use. If your internal application can send data over web hook and use the JSON format, you can easily set integrations for it through the Generic Connector.

Send any JSON data type– numbers, strings, booleans, arrays, objects, etc. The data structure is the same as the tree structure in JSON. ZigiOps picks the data up, transforms it, according to the destination system and sends it. With the ZigiOps’ Generic Connector your custom integrations are easy to set up, and straight forward.

Popular Use Cases

For example, you have an internal system for managing orders. If there are orders with status “Unsuccessful” you want to transfer them to Salesforce. The marketing and sales teams are working with Salesforce to send campaigns and track communication with potential customers. If they have the information for failed orders immediately available, they can pick them up and send feedback forms or marketing campaigns, while it is fresh with the potential customers.

With the ZigiOps Generic Connector, you can easily send the order number / ID, status, name, email address, product, amount, etc. to Salesforce as a new Case. This Case will have all the details, as well as a specific status if needed.

This way the sales and marketing teams can take actions in real time and contact the potential clients, to see why the order failed, solve any possible issues and win more sales.

You have an internal system for stock control, and your sales team is using ServiceNow to handle requests from partners. The custom stock system helps your company manage the products you sell and keeps current information about availabilities at any time. With ServiceNow, the sales team tracks requests from partners. The partners might have different types of issues related to product availability – they may need to place new orders, update orders or replace defective products.

Instead of manually logging to check availabilities every time, the sales team can have the data directly into ServiceNow. You can send data to the Generic Connector, like product name, product code/id, availability, status, etc. After that ZigiOps transforms the data in the right format and sends it to ServiceNow as a new service catalog task. All the necessary details are automatically there.

This way the sales team working with partners will have the latest info on availability and status for any product at any time. Then they can quickly respond to partner requests and manage all orders and incidents easily. Issues are resolved faster and clients and partners are happier.

You have a custom internal system, that all teams use to manage and distribute tasks and projects. On the other hand the DevOps team is using Jira to organize their development tasks, track code and manage releases.

If there is no integration between the two, whenever there are DevOps related tasks in the main Task Management System, the DevOps team would need to check them out and manually transfer and distribute them in Jira.

With the ZigiOps’ Generic Connector, you can easily integrate your internal system with Jira and have all development related tasks immediately available to the DevOps team. They will be able to react faster to issues and bugs, manage their projects better and waste no time on manual transfer of data between systems.

You can transfer each task with a specific status, name, description, comments, etc. The Generic Connector will pick it up, transform the data in the necessary format and send it as a new task in Jira. The DevOps team can start working on it immediately.

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