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Challenges for Foglight users

Foglight by Quest is a popular monitoring and optimization system that tech companies use to manage and optimize the performance of their IT infrastructure.

Foglight is often used together with other enterprise software tools to manage different aspects of the company’s operations, collect data from different sources, and enrich topology. If those tools aren’t connected, they only provide a partial snapshot instead of a complete overview of the company’s assets and infrastructure.

For the success of your business, you need to make sure your teams can communicate efficiently and work together well when using Foglight in parallel with other enterprise software tools. One of the best ways to achieve that is through an integration platform.

How do we solve them?

Communication between teams becomes much easier when you’re using an integration platform to connect your applications and exchange data. Let everyone use the software tools they’re most familiar with, and sync data from all sources automatically. This way, your teams can work better together and solve issues faster than ever before.

You can extract data from Quest Foglight and log them instantly into your other systems, to get a birdseye overview of your infrastructure and detect incidents before they affect your infrastructure—and before they lead to costly downtimes.

Improve communication between Monitoring, DevOps, ITSM, and APM, thanks to ZigiOps’ powerful, fully customizable, no-code integrations for Foglight. Help your teams and departments work together seamlessly, and use their resources better.

Simplify and automate your workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and provide a better service to your customers, starting today.

Popular Use Cases

Our Foglight connector allows you to integrate it with many systems and synchronise data across platforms seamlessly. Transfer all data types, custom fields and keep your systems in real-time sync. 

Review our most popular integrations with Foglight below.

Foglight – OpsBridge Integration

With this integration, you can connect Foglight and Micro Focus OpsBridge bi-directionally.

ZigiOps collects all Foglight Alarms that aren’t closed or acknowledged and logs them to OpsBridge as Events. The platform then syncs all related details and information, keeping Alarms and Events aligned. When a user closes a Foglight Alarm, the OMi Event is automatically closed by the integration platform.

You can use two different types of authentication, basic authentication and an API token.

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