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Enhance your IT infrastructure visibility. Easily transfer CIs between Atrium and other tools.

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Challenges for BMC Atrium users

BMC Atrium CMDB is a powerful tool that stores information regarding the configuration items (CIs) in your environment. This information is then broken down into separate data sets, which can be used as a single source of truth for your IT environment.

Companies’ Monitoring teams often struggle with identifying potential problems and their timely solution. When teams are using a lot of systems in their day-to-day work, discrepancies and missed errors can occur.

In such cases, the help of an integration platform comes in handy. BMC Atrium should not be used alone since many CIs and related information about them from other systems can be easily missed. Integrating Atrium CMDB with other systems that support and visualize configuration items can be of great help to your organization.

A no-code integration tool like ZigiOps eliminates the need for any work related to manual data aggregation and information transfer. Connecting BMC Atrium and adding new information about CIs from other systems will enable you to have a birds-eye overview of your IT environment.

How do we solve them?

With the power of the ZigiOps no-code integration platform, you can connect BMC Atrium to other CMDB tools your teams are using.

ZigiOps automatically extracts CIs and related information from systems like ServiceNow and Micro Focus UCMDB and transfers them to BMC Atrium in real-time.

This way, you can instantly discover and solve any detected issue before it reflects on the entire IT system’s health status and performance.

As an out-of-the-box integration platform, ZigiOps easily enables the transfer of configuration items (CIs) and related information between BMC Atrium and other software.

Get a full overview on your IT ecosystem by consolidating CIs and information from other CMDB sources into BMC Atrium.

Popular Use Cases

The integration between Micro Focus UCMDB with Atrium is one of the most common customer needs. It is easy to connect the two systems with our no-code integration platform. This will enable the automatic extraction of CIs from UCMDB and transfer to BMC Atrium in real-time. This will in turn remove manual work and give your teams a great overview of the IT environment.

Configuring the integration between BMC Atrium and UCMDB takes no more than a few clicks, depending on the complexity of your use case. ZigiOps offers a library of predefined integration templates, which are fully customizable and fit within every use case scenario.

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