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Challenges for Azure Monitor users

Azure Monitor is one of the most popular reporting and monitoring tools on the market. Azure Monitor provides users with full-scale visibility over vital elements of the organization's IT ecosystems, such as applications, networks, and infrastructure.

This ensures that any fault in the systems will be addressed timely, thus minimizing the potential negative effects on the end-user.

How do we solve them?

The ability to monitor, gather and further analyze accumulated data is crucial. Sometimes, obtaining the right information at the precise moment can impact the entire chain of processes.

That's why in most cases, Azure Monitor needs to connect with the other systems you are using.

On such occasions, a tool like ZigiOps helps to establish an integration between Azure Monitor and the rest of the tools in the organization's tech stack.

ZigiOps successfully extracts important data like topology, metrics, events, and incidents from Azure Monitor's system and transfers it directly into the other software tools.

Popular Use Cases

Our Azure Monitor connector allows you to integrate it with many systems and synchronise data across platforms seamlessly. Transfer all data types, custom fields and keep your systems in real-time sync.

Review our most popular integrations with Splunk below.

Azure Monitor – vROps Integration

Azure Monitor notifies the responsible tech team about newly-discovered applications, hosts, or other resources not present in the vROps database. Usually, the resolution to this problem involves manual operation, which apart from being time-consuming, is often accompanied by errors.

The ZigiOps integration solves both of those problems in a few clicks. ZigiOps fetches the missing data from Azure Monitor and sends it directly to VMware's database.

Since ZigiOps offers a bi-directional connection, both Azure Monitor and vRealize Operations' systems will be kept up-to-date. It ensures that any change in the data in one of the systems will instantly be present in the other.

In case of transferring metrics and reports from Azure Monitor to vROps, ZigiOps collects the needed information, along with the related hosts' data, and submits it to VMware. This way, the metrics are accessible from any point and anytime and can be used for creating dashboards with critical data.

In the case of metric or log alerts discovered in Azure Monitor but not in VMware vROps, ZigiOps collects them and reports them to the latter. This way, the additional information enriches the existing list of regular metrics and can be used as a source of information when building dashboards.

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