March 1, 2022

Related Lists in our ServiceNow Integrations

ZigiOps can now find related lists in ServiceNow and sync them with other systems. Learn more about this new feature in ZigiOps.


The ZigiOps Approach

Connecting ServiceNow with other systems like Jira, Azure, OpsBridge, and BMC is a challenge many of our customers were facing. Luckily, they found our no-code integration platform ZigiOps which automated the transfer of tickets, events, incidents, CMDB CIs and other items between SNOW and other software in their ecosystem.

We are constantly striving to upgrade the ZigiOps platform and deliver smoother user experience, add more features in our integrations and provide the ultimate flexibility of an enterprise no-code platform.

Related Lists in Our ServiceNow Integrations

Related lists in ServiceNow appear in the master record/form and represent all items related to the specific incident, alarm, or event in ServiceNow. For example, a related list with all room numbers on a specific floor can be placed in the general room form. This in turn helps users to quickly navigate between different rooms.

Another example would be when you have a problem form, which contains all incidents and below you have related lists critical incidents, affected CIs, outages and more. This will enable your service desk team to quickly navigate through all the items in the related list.

ZigiOps can now successfully find any record in a desired related list and transfer it to the target system. If we take the ServiceNow Jira integration, related lists from SNOW will be transferred to the comments section of Jira. This way the development team can assess all items, related to a specific form. We can also transfer related lists to other systems, based on the customer use case.

We always try to make our integrations better, and more advanced to meet even the most complex use cases. This in turn enables customers to tailor their integration easily and benefit from the power of no-code enterprise integrations.

Avi Koren, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at ZigiWave

Curious to find out how the integrations between ServiceNow and other systems work? Book a demo with our technical team and start testing ZigiOps as soon as possible.

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