September 24, 2021

People of ZigiWave with Ventsi

Meet Ventsi, one of our Integration Consultants. A passionate kayaker and book lover. Read his story.


My background


I was born in Yambol, but my parents moved to Sofia shortly after my birth, and I grew up here. Before joining Zigi, I worked as a developer, writing java code, and did a bit of database management. I have a lot of experience in programming and database administration. I worked for a governmental institution for about 3 or 4 years.

My story at ZigiWave began when a friend of mine chased me for over a year, offering me to join Zigi. When you love your work, you do not care about the time spent doing it. I think ZigiWaves team was just a few people when I joined.

One of the things that drew me here was our product. Although it was still an MVP I found it an interesting and tempting one. It was yet to be developed, not even close to what we have now. Back then, I saw its great potential and the idea behind it.

I also did not want to be part of any of the giant corporations. I am not a fan of their way of doing business and the lack of creative freedom. As a result, I decided to join a small but very creative and open-minded team of professionals with a lot of passion and knowledge to share. I loved the idea of having the chance to dive deep into every aspect of the workflow, not just doing repetitive tasks.

My role at ZigiWave


I am a solution architect and my primary role is to dig deep and research for potential new integrations. I also do a lot of other things, of course. My work is tightly connected to collaborating with every team  dev team, sales, marketing, support, and more. I devote most of my time to manage the processes behind the product.

I have always enjoyed the moment when we successfully finish and launch a new version of ZigiOps, introduce a new integration or enhance an existing one,  that immediately solves problems. Also, if we speak about the other part of my job  that is research: investigating and learning new things to create something incredible at the end.

I have learned a lot since joining the team, and I feel grateful for each lesson.

The first thing would be the chance to develop and expand my soft skills through constant communication and collaboration with our teams and customers.

The second thing is that I learned that there is nothing impossible. That is perhaps one of the things I am most grateful for  to be able to break free from the limitations you think exist in your work, thus, to let creative ideas and possibilities flow.

Last but not least, my work at Zigi taught me not to rush things. Sometimes, to achieve great results, one must spend more time and effort than expected. But in the end, it is all worth it  the product itself and the clients satisfaction.

Dealing with difficulties at work

I do rely on my colleagues when help is needed. Sometimes, a simple conversation with someone with a fresh perspective can solve even an unsolvable problem.

... And in my life, in general

I love spending my time in nature  camping, hiking, and anything related to outdoor activities. A colleague of mine recently introduced me to kayaking, and to my surprise, I did enjoy it a lot. I even fell in love with it. Now, every time I have the chance to escape the city, I go kayaking.

My job is one of my favorite hobbies. My passion for computers sparked when I was very young. I was still a student when I got interested in technology, and that interest has been growing ever since.  Although my current position in the company does not require coding, I still do it for fun or personal projects.

Recharging and de-stressing


Cooking is also among the things I love and helps me distress. If you think about it, there are a lot of similarities between cooking and my job. In both situations, you have different tools that you can use in different ways and have the chance to improvise. But if you know the recipe and have patience, the result will be perfect.

I also like to take care of plants.  It helps me recharge and teaches me patience. Another favorite activity of mine is reading. I have a keen interest in history, so anything related to it eventually ends up on my reading list. After all, we all must learn from the past so we can create a better future.

One more important thing that helps me get rid of the stress and the negativity  my dog Aspro. I have had him for about eleven years now, and I cannot imagine a day without him.

My sources of inspiration

I am not one of those people who have famous idols.  I have always been inspired by the success of ordinary people  like my colleagues or friends, for example. Every time someone from work or my close circle succeeds at work or at a personal project, that inspires me and makes me push even further in my personal and career path.

A day in my life

I start my workday by checking my email and calendar to see if there are some important meetings or events for the day. After that comes the daily meeting with the team, which is very important for a flawless work process. We discuss our tasks, any work-related problems, or obstacles that each of us may have faced the day before. Then I go about my daily tasks and try to be as productive as I can.

The things Im looking forward to

Now I am looking forward to exploring and implementing the new standards in the industry to our product. Our product itself is very adaptive so keeping up with our ever-evolving and expanding niche is easy. Our current goal, apart from constantly upgrading ZigiOps with new features, is to bring it to the cloud and offer a SaaS version of it. We expect to have it live in Q1 2022.

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