March 17, 2023

Recap of the Live Demo: Transfer Salesforce Cases to Jira Issues in a breeze

A recap of the live demo for Jira to Salesforce integration with ZigiOps. See how we transfer Salesforce Cases to Jira Issues in a breeze.


On the 16th of March we had a live demo where we showcased how you can make a Salesforce integration with Jira in a few clicks with the help of ZigiOps integration platform. We presented transferring Salesforce Cases to Jira Issues, as well as how bi-directional updates happen in real time.

Have you missed it? If you would like to watch the session on demand, you can see the recording here, or if you prefer, you can read the recap below.

Our featured speakers were

Radoslav Tsvetkov a Technical Presales Consultant in ZigiWave, who loves working with large organizations and helping them with their system integrations. Solving complex integration use cases is his passion.

Avi Koren  the Co-founder and CTO of ZigiWave was a special guest and was ready to answer any deep and specific technical questions.

Emily Petkova  the moderator of this event and a Marketing Specialist at ZigiWave, who loves writing for the Zigi blog, building various campaigns, and participating in videos, presentations and webinars.

What we covered during the demo

After the intro and some details shared by Emily, Radoslav started the Jira to Salesforce integration demo with showcasing a bit of the ZigiOps UI, at 4:21.


After that he explained the Salesforce Jira integration step-by-step, starting with the first step  connecting your systems to ZigiOps at 4:49.

From the list of available systems:


You can choose the ones you want to connect (in our case Salesforce and Jira) and just enter some authentication details, like username and password.


The connection is established via API. Once you enter your credentials, you just need to click Save, and then you can test if the connection is successful via the Test button. Voila, your systems are ready for Salesforce to Jira integration.

There are several ways to create and setup an integration in ZigiOps that Radoslav mentioned, from 5:43. Then the next step he showed was choosing an integration template that matches your needs. It is done easily through the Configurator menu. You click on Add new integration and you will see a list of all the available templates.


You can find the one you need and load it right away.


Then we saw how the initial setup of the Jira to Salesforce integration configuration is done, from 6:28.


Next, Radoslav showed how the specific actions of the integration are set (from 8:12)  the initial creation of Jira tasks, updating the Jira tasks when there are updates in Salesforce, and back syncing whenever there are updates in the Jira issues.


And once the setup in ZigiOps was finalized, Radoslav demoed how the Jira integration with Salesforce works in real time, from 11:53.


He created a Salesforce case and we saw how a corresponding Jira issue was created in a few seconds, at 13:06.


From 13:21 Radoslav showed some bi-directional updates. He updated the titles and descriptions, added comments and attachments to both  the Salesforce case and the Jira issue, as well as changed the statuses.


We saw how the changes were updated in both directions in a few seconds.

This concluded the demo, and from 15:18 we started our Q&A session.

Q&A session

After the integration was set and tested, Radoslav opened the Q&A session.

We had a few great questions, like:

  • What happens if a system experiences downtime for a certain period of time? (For example, if Jira or Salesforce is down for a couple of hours.)
  • What if our integration experiences any errors? Is there a way for us to be notified of this?
  • What versions of Jira (and Salesforce) do you support?

Radoslav answered the questions, and Avi, our CTO, made some important additions. You can hear the whole Q&A session in the recording here.

If you have any additional questions for the Jira Salesforce integration, or you would like to see how it works in your specific use case, you can book a demo with our team. They will set it up for you and show you in detail the whole process.

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