May 12, 2022

Live Demo: How to Integrate Jira and ServiceNow in 5 Minutes

A live demo of integrating Jira and ServiceNow in minutes with ZigiOps. All your integration questions will be answered. See how to join.


Live Demo

Jira and ServiceNow are two of the applications that can be met in almost every enterprise. They are so popular that you can often encounter use cases where you need to transfer data from one of them to the other and vice versa. This is why many organizations look for integration solutions, so that data transfer can be accomplished automatically and flawlessly.

With a Jira ServiceNow integration you avoid delays, errors, and miscommunication that come from manual logging of data between the two apps.

But integration is not always easy either. Internal integration solutions take months and are hard to maintain and update. Out-of-the-box integration tools often would not meet the requirements of your specific use case.

We, at ZigiWave, believe that integrations should be easy and straight forward, no matter how complex your use case is.

Let us show you how a Jira ServiceNow integration can be fully completed in 5 minutes, without writing a single line of code.

Join us to:

  • See how you can make complex data connections without any code
  • Ask us all about the data types and entities you can integrate
  • Check how you can map your fields the way you need to
  • Log files, traces, issue links or other attachments are easily synchronized
  • Learn about the cross-team collaboration possibilities this integration provides
  • Ask us all about your use case, no matter how complex it is

Watch the recording here.

Some common integration cases that we will show are:

ServiceNow (Incident) <> Jira (Task)

ServiceNow (Problem) <> Jira (Bug)

ServiceNow (SC Task) <> Jira (Task)

Example Use case:

The service desk team receives a new incident in ServiceNow. After checking the issue, they see that the problem results from a software bug. Therefore, the development team should handle it.

With a Jira ServiceNow integration in place, the service desk team doesn't need to open Jira and log the issue manually. The communication between the service desk and the developer working on the bug is easy. It doesn't require any additional applications. Instead, everything is taking place in the comments.

Log files, traces, or other attachments can sync automatically when Jira and ServiceNow are connected.

Once the developer fixes the issue, the integration platform instantly updates the ServiceNow incident. The end customer receives a notification about it, as well.

This streamlines defect tracking and resolution, improves change request management, and prevents communication and information bottlenecks.

At the webinar you will be able to ask all the questions you have about your specific use case and get them answered by our specialists.

See you there!

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