August 18, 2021

Large IT and Consultancy Company - Case Study

ZigiOps connected Micro Focus and TOPdesk to automate the data flow between two companies. Read the integration success story.

Case studies


ZigiOps integrated TOPdesk and OpsBridge to give our customer full visibility into their end-clients IT operations in real time. Our integration platform helped them improve and automate cross-team and cross-company collaboration, achieve better operational efficiency and resolve issues faster.

  • Improved cross-company collaboration
  • 35% faster issue detection and resolution
  • Reduced downtimes and service interruptions

The Client:

Our client is a multinational technology organization that provides business consultancy, IT, AI, data and outsourcing services to clients across the world. Its a part of the NASDAQ-100 and a Fortune-500 company since 2011.

Challenge overview:

Our customer uses TOPdesk for managing the day-to-day IT operations of their end client, and Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge) to detect issues in their clients environment. Using both tools allowed them to detect and handle issues, but they also needed to synchronize them to speed up incident resolution and bring system downtimes to a minimum.

Our customer needed a multi-company data integration system which would allow them to establish a real-time bi-directional data exchange between both software tools.

They considered a few possibilities:

  • Replace TOPdesk with a tool from Micro Focus
  • Develop a solution internally
  • Look for an integration solution to connect both applications

They decided to go with ZigiWave's no-code integration platform, ZigiOps, for its simplicity and ease of use. They could implement this solution easily,
without changing any of their end clients critical processes and workflows.

The Solution:

To solve the business challenge of our client, the ZigiWave team developed an OpsBridge  TOPdesk integration, based on their specific needs and requirements. The integration was deployed in January 2021, and were currently the only platform that offers an OpsBridge  TOPdesk integration.

Lets look into the details:

When ZigiOps receives an Event from OBM, it forwards it to TOPdesk as an Incident. If OBM detects a problem in the environment of our customers client that matches the predefined set of conditions (i.e. a critical Event leading to a massive downtime), this raises a second-line call in TOPdesk automatically.

Second and first-line calls are used to differentiate between the source of different requests. ZigiOps allows our customer and their end client to make both first and second-line calls (i.e. internal and external problems).

With ZigiOps, manual work is greatly reduced. Users no longer need to log and describe problems manually. This means that the monitoring team can simply concentrate on checking their monitoring tool (OBM). Whenever there's a problem the monitoring tool detects, they can automatically forward the incident to the ITSM tool (TOPdesk). This gives both our customer and their end client transparency into the different components of the monitored IT infrastructure.

Integrated Data Types

OpsBridge Events -> TOPdesk Incidents with backsync and comments.

Comments allow the TOPdesk operator on our customer side to communicate with the monitoring team of their end client.

Outcomes & Results

This integration gives our client the possibility to:

  • Have all monitoring data instantly available in both Operations Bridge and TOPdesk.
  • Consolidate and align IT Operations Management (ITOM) for their end client and IT Service Management (ITSM) on their end.
  • Sync TOPdesk with OpsBridge bi-directionally.
  • Keep downtimes and service interruptions to a minimum.
  • Eliminate manual work, which brings the risk of errors or of an incomplete data exchange to a minimum.
  • Have a complete overview of the operations of their end client, and of each element of their IT infrastructure.
  • React almost immediately to any issues in the environment of their end client.

Thanks to the platforms advanced integration capabilities, ZigiOps is the right solution to the business challenge of our client. It provides a complete overview of their operations and synchronizes Micro Focus Ops Bridge and TOPdesk to detect and resolve issues at a fraction of the time they needed previously.

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