March 2, 2022

Global Leader in Cybersecurity - Case study

Learn how ZigiOps helped a global leader in cybersecurity improve internal collaboration, and end-client satisfaction, with our Jira ServiceNow integration.

Case studies


The ZigiWave team helped a global leader in cybersecurity implement two integrations. ZigiOps seamlessly connected the ServiceNow instance of the company and that of their customer. For the second integration, ZigiOps bridged the internal ServiceNow and Jira systems. With ZigiOps the employeesof the organization were able to set custom trigger conditions to allow the automatic transfer of only the necessary data from the clients ServiceNow to the companys ServiceNow.

On the other hand, this cyber security company is using Jira to manage their internal DevOps tasks. ZigiOps allowed them to automate the connection between Jira and ServiceNow as well. This includes instant transfer of information and immediate updates.

Since then this global enterprise is using ZigiOps for more integrations with different types of data. The simple UI of ZigiOps is making their work easier on a daily basis.

The Client

Our client is a global leader in cybersecurity, dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving their targeted security objectives. The company offers security optimization, integration, network access control, log management, and more.

Their platform saves security teams valuable time and increases effectiveness by enabling automatic threat detection, threat hunting, and remediation.

Challenge Overview

Our client is a large enterprise, and different teams are using different tools to manage their daily operations. They are using ServiceNow to track their IT operations and manage ITSM processes and requests. The DevOps team, on the other hand, is using Jira to manage projects, tasks and different development needs. They are working closely with their clients, and one of their clients is using ServiceNow, as well.

Information needed to be transferred manually between these systems daily and this caused many delays and mistakes, like duplicate or invalid records, important updates omitted, and lack of necessary pieces of data.

The company wanted to find a way to automate the process of entering data from one system to another, enhance cross-team collaboration and save time. They needed to avoid mistakes and speed up response times.

After researching their options, they found that ZigiOps no-code integration platform would be the easiest and fastest way to achieve these goals.


The company started using ZigiOps for various integrations within their own environment and also with clients systems.

The first two integrations they did, with the help of ZigiOps team were:

  • ServiceNow of a client connected to the companys ServiceNow instance
  • ServiceNow connected to Jira within the organization

For the first integration they were able to set specific conditions, defining which data to transfer from their clients ServiceNow to their own ServiceNow. Based on condition triggers, that are easily set through ZigiOps UI, they could automate transfer of data and have immediate view on all necessary ServiceNow incidents from their clients system. With the integration, they also had instant updates of all synced incidents in both directions. Here are the details for the integration:

ServiceNow Customer (CUST) incidents -> ServiceNow Cybersecurity Company (CC) incidents

The integration involves 3 different actions:

  • Create Incident (CUST) using custom trigger conditions to allow the extraction only of the
    necessary data (using the state, correlation details, time, and category fields). Here the
    customer is using two different conditions (separated with a general OR condition). The field
    mapping is synchronizing the data for all relevant fields like caller, description, state,
    category, priority, comments, and attachments.
  • Update incident (CUST) when the incident in CCs ServiceNow is updated, ZigiOps
    automatically updates it in the customers ServiceNow. This is done through a pre-set trigger
  • Update incident (CC) using a trigger condition, ZigiOps detects if there are updates in the
    corresponding incident in the clients ServiceNow and automatically updates all the relevant
    information in CCs ServiceNow.

For the second integration ZigiOps connected ServiceNow and Jira within their organization, so they could ease the communication between teams, speed up resolutions of different issues and avoid delays and mistakes. Here are the details for this integration:

ServiceNow incidents -> Jira incidents

  • ZigiOps automatically logs ServiceNow incidents in Jira, based on specific filters. For
    example if a service request needs the attention of the developers, they will receive it
    immediately, as a new incident in Jira, with all fields synchronized.
  • When the Jira incident is updated or resolved, ZigiOps automatically updates it or closes it
    in ServiceNow. All the conditions are easily set in advance through the ZigiOps UI, so
    ZigiOps knows what the right action is update, close, etc.
  • If the ServiceNow incident is updated with new information, the integration platform detects
    that and adds the according updates in Jira. All relevant fields are actualized description,
    state, category, priority, comments, attachments, etc.

After implementing these two integrations, the company started applying more ZigiOps integrations for different clients and internal needs. The integrations help them service their clients better and improve their managed services.

Integrated Data Types

ServiceNow incidents -> ServiceNow incidents

ServiceNow incidents -> Jira incidents

Outcomes & Results:

With the help of ZigiOps integration platform the company was able to quickly solve several business challenges. First of all, connecting their clients systems to their own system allowed them to receive the correct information immediately. Resolving critical issues for customers so quickly is a game changer, when working in the cybersecurity space. The integration also provided an overview on repeating issues, and instant management of all types of customer requests.

On the other hand, the enterprise connected their internal systems, and this helped them to significantly improve collaboration between teams, avoid mistakes and delays and manage their operations with much more efficiency.

ZigiOps helped our client to achieve:

  • Real-time bi-directional integration between Jira and ServiceNow, and separate ServiceNow
  • Ability to change the field mapping configuration with just a few clicks independently.
  • Faster incident resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved visibility into recurring issues, simplifying problem management.
  • Minimum downtimes and service interruptions.
  • Better visibility into recurring issues.
  • Elimination of manual work, which brings the risk of errors or incomplete data exchange to a
  • Streamlined communication between different teams and departments.
  • Improved management of their IT Services.
  • Complete overview of the operations of their end client.
  • Immediate reaction to any issues in the environment of their end client.

Thanks to ZigiOps powerful no-code integrations, our client was able to quickly improve internal collaboration, as well as end client satisfaction. This cybersecurity leader is extensively using our integration platform for more and more system integrations with their clients and internal departments, so they can help even more organizations achieve consistent security outcomes.

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