October 25, 2023

Cambia Health

Explore how ZigiOps empowered Cambia Health to streamline their workflow

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Cambia Health employs systems such as BMC Remedy and Atlassian Jira to address customer-related issues. The Remedy team manages incoming issues, while the DevOps team uses Jira to expedite their resolution. The ZigiOps integration platform empowers the organizations IT team to seamlessly establish a successful bi-directional integration between BMC Remedy and Jira, optimizing their daily workflows. Consequently, customer-related requests are addressed swiftly, maintaining high CSAT levels.

The Client  

Cambia Health Solutions is a prominent healthcare organization based in the United States. It operates as a nonprofit leader in the healthcare solutions industry, dedicated to transforming healthcare experiences for individuals and families. Cambia Health Solutions aims to create a more person-centric, economically sustainable healthcare system by offering innovative health insurance products, technology-driven solutions, and strategic partnerships. Their mission is to promote healthier lives and make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and equitable for everyone.

Challenge Overview  

Cambia Health Solutions serves as the parent company to six regional health plans. They collectively cover over three million individuals across Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Washington. The organization manages a substantial volume of customer-generated requests daily, requiring meticulous attention, resource allocation, and operational efficiency. The service department at Cambia Health relies on BMC Remedy to address incoming customer-related issues and requests, while the DevOps department heavily depends on Jira to expedite issue resolution.

Manual data transfer between BMC Remedy and Jira introduces the risk of data duplication, miscommunications, and bottlenecks. Managing a vast amount of client information demands unparalleled precision and accuracy. Consequently, the organization sought a dependable system for seamless integration between Jira and BMC Remedy, aiming to eliminate potential errors stemming from manual data transfers. After an evaluation, they selected the ZigiOps no-code integration platform due to its robust and adaptable capabilities, aligning perfectly with their unique requirements and allowing for swift implementation.

The Solution  

Setting up integrations with ZigiOps is notably straightforward and requires minimal preparation time. Cambia Health successfully implemented the BMC Remedy-Jira integration. ZigiOpss role involves polling incidents with their corresponding issues from Remedy and logging them as issues in Jira. All changes made to the transferred records are synchronized bi-directionally.

  • BMC Remedy -> Jira (bi-directionally)
  • Collect incidents from BMC Remedy
  • Create issues in Jira
  • Update from Jira to BMC Remedy
  • Update from BMC Remedy to Jira

BMC Remedy automatically transmits all incident details, including descriptions and priorities, to Jira in real time. In Jira, a designated issue type is generated, conveying only essential information. That facilitates swift responses and immediate action by Cambia Healths DevOps team in response to customer requests.

Outcomes & Results  

With ZigiOps BMC Remedy-Jira integration, Cambia Health significantly reduced the time required for addressing customer issues and requests. Manual work gets eliminated, and end clients remain satisfied. Unintentional errors, data corruption, and the possibility of misunderstandings are eliminated. IT teams collaborate seamlessly and without delays.

ZigiOps has assisted Cambia Health with:

  • Real-time BMC Remedy-Jira bi-directional integration with control over the transferred data
  • Elimination of manual work, minimizing the risk of errors and data exchange issues
  • Drastically faster issue resolution, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced visibility into recurring issues, simplifying problem management
  • Marked improvement in collaboration among various teams and departments
  • Enhanced management process of their IT services

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