April 28, 2022

OST USA Case Study

Learn more about how ZigiOps helped OST USA integrate ServiceNow and Jira to streamline their operations. Find out more in the case study.

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OST USA helped two of their clients synchronize Jira and ServiceNow. A huge media conglomerate and a leading manufacturer and solutions provider for trucks and diesel engines are both using Jira to manage their DevOps projects and ServiceNow to handle service desk tasks and workflow automation. The two companies turned to OST to help them align their systems and synchronize the work of their teams.

OST USA used ZigiOps to seamlessly connect Jira and ServiceNow in the IT environments of both their clients. This way they are able to get bi-directional updates from one system to the other instantly, which allows their teams to communicate more efficiently and resolve issues much faster.

The Client

OST USA is an IT services and IT consulting company that creates custom solutions to solve their clients most pressing challenges. They help market leaders with burdensome tasks, innovations, digital product development and management of IT assets. OST also assists enterprises with building of their digital strategy, organizational governance, data analytics, migrations and integrations, cloud and mobile solutions, IT security solutions and more.

OST USA aims to help organizations accelerate growth and achieve their visions.

Challenge Overview

OST needed to find a solution for their clients that will help to flawlessly integrate Jira and ServiceNow in a timely manner. The two customers are large enterprises with ambitious goals, devoted to making meaningful differences in the lives of people. They achieve this by being transparent and embracing new technologies.

Both companies are using ServiceNow to process and manage customer requests, and Jira to track and organize DevOps projects and tasks.

Being large organizations, they have the teams using Jira and ServiceNow in separate locations. In this situation, before the integration whenever there were requests in ServiceNow that needed the attention of the development team, someone needed to open Jira manually and enter all the details there. Any updates or changes also needed to be entered manually in Jira or respectively ServiceNow. This often resulted in delays, omitted important details and faulty data. In order to avoid creating such silos and delays, the companies needed to synchronize their teams and the systems they are using.

OST USA had to find a solution for their clients, but most of the integration platforms available on the market required lots of customizations, taking precious time. Another option they considered was a custom inbound solution, but it might take months to be developed and a lot of resources to be maintained.

This is why OST chose the best possible option for their clients an integration platform that requires no coding and can fit even to the most complex scenario. ZigiOps has all the features OST USA needed and was able to perform the Jira ServiceNow integrations within days, instead of months.

The Solution

The integration with ZigiOps is effortless and fast. OST were able to perform two types of integrations for each of the two clients (four integrations altogether).

The first type of integration is transferring ServiceNow incidents to Jira Tasks, and the second one is taking ServiceNow Tasks to Jira Tasks.

The integration platform collects all the details from the ServiceNow entity, based on pre-defined filters and mapping, so that only the necessary data is transferred. Then it creates a new task in Jira and populates all the information there. If there are any updates in the ServiceNow task or incident respectively, they are updated in the corresponding Jira tasks in real time.

All of the integrations are bi-directional, so if there are any updates in the created Jira tasks, they are also transferred to ServiceNow automatically.

Here are the details for the integrations created.

OST created a total of 4 integrations 2 for each customer and they are like:

ServiceNow (entity incident) > Jira (issue type- Task) (bi-directional):

  • Collect incident data from ServiceNow
  • Create a new (Tasks) in Jira Based on Assignment group
  • Update from Jira to ServiceNow
  • Update from ServiceNow to Jira

ServiceNow (entity Tasks) > Jira (issue type- Task) (bi-directional):

  • Collect Task data from ServiceNow
  • Create a new (Tasks) in Jira Based on Assignment group
  • Update from Jira to ServiceNow
  • Update from ServiceNow to Jira

Integrated Data Types

Incidents, Tasks

Outcomes & Results

With the ZigiOps integration OST USA were able to help their clients avoid problems that came from manually transferring information from one system to another. They eliminated silos, delays and faulty data by integrating Jira and ServiceNow. After the systems were synchronized, this significantly sped up issue resolutions, helped teams communicate more efficiently, and boosted customer satisfaction for both companies.

ZigiOps helped OST USA with:

  • Seamless bi-directional integration between Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Ability to change integration flow and field mapping configuration with just a few clicks.
  • 100% secure, vendor-certified integrations.
  • High availability features and an advanced retry mechanism for error handling.
  • Global schema: automated relations between all data from Jira and ServiceNow.

ZigiOps helped OSTs end clients with:

  • Better problem management, because of improved visibility into recurring issues.
  • Minimizing manual work and removing the risk of errors, delays or faulty data exchange.
  • Improved collaboration and alignment between different teams.
  • Better management of their IT services and projects.
  • Faster issue resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction and better business results.

Thanks to ZigiOps powerful no-code integration, OST was able to help their clients in a timely and accurate manner. By connecting their enterprise systems and automating their workflows, using ZigiOps, OST can continuously develop and deliver more capabilities for their customers.

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