February 3, 2022

COCC Case Study

Learn more about how ZigiOps helped COCC in their automation efforts

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COCC uses ServiceNow to manage customer service tasks, and Jira to manage DevOps projects and issues. The ZigiOps tool helped COCC connect their Customer Service and DevOps systems by integrating Jira with ServiceNow. Now, their teams are able to automatically transfer information in real-time and respond to issues faster.

The integration also includes immediate updates in both directions. When there are changes in the customer service tasks in ServiceNow, they are automatically updated in Jira, and vice versa.

With the ZigiOps seamless integration, COCC teams can interact more effectively and access critical information in real-time.

About COCC

COCC delivers the most comprehensive core partnership in the industry, combining a collaborative approach with the most highly adopted, feature-rich, modern standards-based core banking platform available. Its digital banking solution ensures that clients provide a rich and intuitive user experience, coupled with personalization driven by advanced machine learning models.

Through extensive in-house development and using APIs to streamline innovative fintech integrations, COCC clients leverage a complete suite of modern financial technology solutions. COCC has been client-owned for over 50 years, acting as a partner with an unmatched focus on client service to help community banks and credit unions meet their unique and ever-changing needs.

Challenge Overview

COCC is a client-centric company and their mission includes being a trusted partner, delivering secure, quality solutions that drive the success of financial institutions. As a result, their customer service team must be extremely precise and capable of promptly resolving issues. The right software and appropriate automation can be greatly beneficial to achieve these goals. However, being a large enterprise, COCCs teams are using a variety of software tools.

The company is using ServiceNow to track and manage customer requests. Their DevOps team is using Jira to manage projects and different development needs.

These two separate systems at COCC were not connected. This often led to missing information and bottlenecks because of the manual transfer of data. When there was a request which needed the development teams attention, someone needed to open Jira and manually enter it. When there was an update or a change regarding a specific task, someone needed to open ServiceNow and manually enter the update. It was challenging to avoid delays, duplicated records and it omitted important information.

COCC wanted to find a way to automate the process of entering data from one system to another. They wished to improve cross-team collaborations, speed up response times and boost customer satisfaction.

After researching a few options, they found out that the ZigiOps no-code integration platform would be the easiest and fastest way to achieve these goals.


The integration with ZigiOps requires no coding and is quite fast to set up. COCC used ZigiOps to integrate their ServiceNow and Jira instances. They mapped the data types they needed and created filters to define the specific conditions for a task to be transferred from ServiceNow to Jira.

The integration is bi-directional and completes the following tasks automatically:

ServiceNow (Customer Service Tasks) > Jira (Issues) (bi-directional)

  • Collect customer service tasks from ServiceNow to create issues in Jira.
  • Synchronize the changes of the ServiceNow customer service tasks with the issues in Jira.
  • Synchronize the changes of the Jira issues back to the customer service tasks in ServiceNow.

The integration with ZigiOps allowed COCC to specify in detail which ServiceNow tasks should be logged to Jira as issues and what information needs to transfer, as the integration platform has advanced data mapping and filtering features.

ZigiOps detects when there is a ServiceNow task corresponding to the conditions to be transferred to Jira. The integration platform then automatically enters all of the task details in a Jira issue that it creates specifically for that purpose.

If the task in ServiceNow is updated or has any changes in the status, ZigiOps automatically detects that and updates the Jira issue accordingly.

If the Jira issue is updated or closed, this also automatically actualizes the ServiceNow task. When the task is closed the customer is notified that the issue has been resolved.

Integrated Data Types

ServiceNow tasks -> Jira issues

It is important for us to be able to handle all customer requests in a timely and efficient manner. ZigiOps helped us improve the communication between our teams and expedites issue resolutions. This leads to happier clients and better business outcomes.
Rich Wood, SVP Software Development


With the help of the ZigiOps integration platform COCC was able to avoid all of the obstacles that arise from manually transferring data. Duplicate records, omitted information, incomplete entries, delays and all types of data-related issues are now history. By integrating Jira and ServiceNow the company resolved issues much faster, improved cross-team collaboration and boosted the overall business results.

ZigiOps Impact On COCC

  • Real-time bi-directional integration between Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Faster request resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to change the field mapping configuration with just a few clicks independently.
  • Simplified problem management, due to improved visibility into recurring issues.
  • Elimination of manual work minimizing or eliminating the risk of errors or an incomplete data exchange.
  • Improved collaboration between different teams and departments.
  • Better management of their IT Services.

Thanks to ZigiOps powerful no-code integration, our client was able to improve internal collaboration quickly, as well as client satisfaction. By automating workflows, COCC can continuously develop and deliver more capabilities for their clients.

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