August 24, 2022

European Insurance and Risk Management Company

How ZigiOps helped a big insurance company improve teamwork

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The ZigiWave team helped one of the leaders in insurance services in Europe to implement two integrations between ServiceNow and Azure DevOps. The company needed to link their service desk system to the development team directly and automate the daily workflows. With the help of ZigiOps integration platform, they were able to streamline the flow of data between their systems in two different ways and meet their exact requirements.

The Client

ZigiWaves client is a European leader in B2B insurance and risk management. The company has a holistic approach to risk, coordinating the needs of employees and providing exceptional services. It offers more than just insurance products: it also provides professional advice, efficient case processing, comprehensive support processes, innovation, and other tailor-made life insurance solutions directly onto the B2B market. Our clients name is synonymous with enterprising growth, customer focus and passion to perform.

Challenge Overview

Our client is a large enterprise, and they are using various tools to manage their daily operations. Their DevOps team is using Azure DevOps, and their service desk team is using ServiceNow. Customer requests and issues are often related to development tasks and projects, so the teams needed to transfer information between the two systems manually.

For example, when a new incident arrives in ServiceNow, the service desk team might find it is related to a feature that the development team is working on, or a setting that needs to be done by the developers. In this case, they open Azure DevOps and manually enter all the details there. This process often leads to delays and errors, because while manually entering data important details might be omitted, there might be duplicate or invalid records, etc.

The technical lead wanted to find a way to automate the transfer of data from ServiceNow to Azure DevOps and vice versa. His goals were to avoid faulty data, improve cross-team collaboration and speed up issue resolutions.

After a thorough research, he chose ZigiOps integration platform as the fastest and easiest way to handle this.

The Solution

The company tried ZigiOps for integrating ServiceNow and Azure DevOps in two different ways. They were quite happy with the results.

The first integration they did, with the help of ZigiOps engineers was transferring ServiceNow features to Azure DevOps features with creating a link to an existing Epic in Azure DevOps by specifying the Epic ID manually.

The second one was transferring ServiceNow stories to Azure DevOps stories with creating a link to an existing Feature in Azure DevOps using the ID from the ZigiOps correlation logic.

For both integrations they were able to precisely set what conditions need to be met in order for the ServiceNow entities to be transferred to Azure DevOps. ZigiOps provides advanced filtering and mapping features, and the integrations are highly customizable. This way our client could make sure only the necessary ServiceNow features and stories will be logged in Azure DevOps.

Here are the details for the first integration.

ServiceNow feature -> Azure DevOps feature (bi-directional)

The integration involves 3 different actions:

  • Create feature  using custom trigger conditions to allow the extraction only of the necessary data (using the state, correlation details, time, and category fields). The field mapping is synchronizing the data for all relevant fields like caller, description, state, category, priority, comments, and attachments.
  • Update feature (Azure DevOps)  when the feature in ServiceNow is updated, ZigiOps automatically logs the changes it in the corresponding feature in Azure DevOps. This is done through a pre-set trigger condition.
  • Update feature (ServiceNow)  ZigiOps detects if there are updates in the feature in Azure DevOps and automatically updates all the relevant information in ServiceNow.

For the second integration ZigiOps transferred ServiceNow stories to Azure DevOps stories, based on pre-defined conditions, so they could improve the communication between teams, speed up resolutions of customer issues and significantly reduce the risk for mistakes. Here are the details for this integration.

ServiceNow stories -> Azure DevOps stories (bi-directional)

  • ZigiOps automatically logs ServiceNow stories in Azure DevOps, based on specific filters. For example if a service request needs the attention of the developers, they will receive it immediately, as a new story in Azure DevOps, with all fields synchronized.
  • When the Azure DevOps story is updated, ZigiOps automatically updates the corresponding story in ServiceNow. All the conditions are easily set and customized through the ZigiOps UI and this way only the necessary data is transferred.
  • If the ServiceNow incident is updated with new information, ZigiOps detects this and adds the according updates in Azure DevOps. All relevant fields are revised  description, state, category, priority, comments, attachments, etc.

Integrated Data Types

ServiceNow features -> Azure DevOps features

ServiceNow stories -> Azure DevOps stories

Outcomes & Results

By integrating their systems with ZigiOps, the company was able to avoid manual transfer of data. They automated important processes and significantly reduced the risk of faulty or incomplete records, errors or delays. Connecting the systems their DevOps and service desk teams are using, allowed them to get the right info to the right people instantly. This way they can handle all types of requests and issues times faster. The results are boosted customer and employee satisfaction, and improvement of overall business results.

The integration also provides an overview on recurring issues, and simpler management of all types of customer requests. By connecting their internal systems, they could improve collaboration between teams, boost productivity, and manage their operations with much more efficiency.

With the help of ZigiOps our client achieved:

  • Real-time bi-directional integration between ServiceNow and Azure DevOps.
  • Ability to customize the field mapping configuration with just a few clicks.
  • Faster incident resolution, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved visibility into recurring issues, simplifying problem management.
  • Minimum downtimes and service interruptions.
  • Elimination of manual work, which brings the risk of errors or faulty data to a minimum.
  • Better collaboration between DevOps and service desk.
  • Boosted efficiency of handling customer requests.

Following their holistic approach, this leader in the insurance space often needs to add new features and assist large enterprises with their corporate insurance packages. They provide exceptional services to their clients, going beyond the standard insurance services. With the help of ZigiOps powerful no-code integrations, they were able to efficiently improve internal collaboration, increase productivity, as well as boost end client satisfaction.

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