July 20, 2022

Live Demo: How to Integrate Multiple Systems – Jira, ServiceNow, Dynatrace, Salesforce

A unique live demo of integrating multiple systems in a matter of minutes. See how we will integrate Jira, ServiceNow, Salesforce and Dynatrace with ZigiOps.


Join our live demo on the 3rd of August, 11 am EEST | 10 am CET.

We are presenting four of the most used systems in companies today Salesforce, Dynatrace, Jira, and ServiceNow. What happens when customer relationship management, DevOps, monitoring and service desk operations are dispersed in an organization and do not work in sync? There is quite a lot of repetitive manual tasks that lead to delays, faulty data, miscommunication, and errors.

On the other hand, if the systems that these teams are using are connected and work seamlessly together, everyone will get the data they need in real time and will be able to solve all challenges much faster. Errors and omissions are brought to a minimum, while the issue resolutions are sped up significantly.

This can be done easily by integrating the software platforms used by the organizations departments. However, integrations, especially with multiple systems, are not an easy task. Developing an internal solution often turns out to be quite an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. The available solutions are mostly very limited in scalability and use case customization.

ZigiOps is a no-code, yet very powerful integration platform, that can handle complex use case and is built for business users that dont have a lot of technical background.

In our live demonstration, we will showcase a complex integration use case, and how it can be solved within minutes by ZigiOps.

Join our webinar on the 3rd of August to see how ZigiOps will do this.

Why join us?

  • See how you can connect multiple systems, like ServiceNow, Jira, Salesforce and Dynatrace, without any code
  • Ask anything you would like to know about the data types, entities and settings involved in this integration
  • See how you can easily do filtering and mapping and set your integration requirements the way you need to
  • You can easily synchronize log files, traces, issue links and other specific fields, and match the integration to your use case, no matter how complex it is
  • Learn about the improvements such integration can bring in your environment better teamwork, faster issue resolutions, higher security and much more
  • Get all your questions answered

Register here now.

What entities connection examples we will show in the demo

Dynatrace (Problems) <> ServiceNow (Incidents)

ServiceNow (Incidents) <> Jira (Tasks)

Jira (Tasks) <> Salesforce (Cases)

Example Use case

Dynatrace finds a service that is performing much slower than expected. ZigiOps automatically extracts the information and enters the necessary details into ServiceNow, as a new incident. The IT service desk team sees the incident and finds out that it is related to a software bug that needs to be fixed by the developers. ZigiOps automatically opens a ticket in Jira with all the information.

At the same time, ZigiOps detects that this incident is related to a case in Salesforce and updates all the necessary data, there, too.

The development team receives the details immediately and fixes the issue. Once the ticket in Jira is closed, ZigiOps updates the incident in ServiceNow and the case in Salesforce immediately.

The problem in Dynatrace is automatically updated, as well. All the necessary data is transferred by the integration platform.

Everything is done in real-time, and we are sure that no important details are omitted, as we have everything pre-set with the ZigiOps filtering and mapping options. There are no delays, errors or miscommunication, and issues are resolved faster than ever.

Join our multiple systems integration demo on the 3rd of August.

If you have a specific use case with multiple systems, at the webinar all of your questions will be answered by our experts.

See you there.

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